Well, for quite a while I have had nothing to say to anyone about anything and it is getting a bit claustrophobic. So I figured I should start saying some things into the void, dumb and trivial as they might be.

A while back there was a video store closing sale so we picked up a number of TV series on DVD at 75% off. One Darrin picked out was American Gothic. I never really heard about this show before but it is kind of cool. It was cancelled after one season in '95-'96. Apparently it has a cult following, but I can't seem to find *too* much about it on the internet. We did find the proper order to watch the episodes, which is not the order they are in on the DVDs.

Well we just recently finished the series and it is cool. It has a bit of an ambiguous ending and maybe we need to watch the whole thing again, which will be fun enough.

Anybody else seen this? Are you a fan?

It stars Gary Cole as the delightfully evil Sheriff Lucas Buck, and Lucas Black as a rather creepy little boy named Caleb Temple who is fond of saying "Day-dee" (daddy). Due to the child actor's name I find myself accidentally referring to both characters as Lucas. I guess the name similarity is just a coincidence though.

I never thought I would say that Lumbergh from Office Space was attractive in any way but in this role he kind of is, haha. Maybe it is the vests and puffy shirts and longcoats. But I may have a bit of an odd preference in men's fashion.

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Five Replies to American Gothic

Scott Hardie | February 7, 2011
I'm pretty sure Kelly was a fan and would have more to say. I saw maybe half an episode during the original broadcast run and was impressed, and always meant to watch the series. I wonder if it would have been more successful if launched today on basic cable.

Steve West | February 8, 2011
I was going through an "I hate Gary Cole" phase at the time but his turn in The West Wing has won me over. I'm gonna hunt this one down.

Jackie Mason | February 8, 2011
[hidden by author request]

Denise Sawicki | February 8, 2011
That would be too cool if I actually influenced someone to watch something, Steve... I hope you do :)

Steve West | February 8, 2011
100 percent chance I will. I'll let you know if I liked it (I have little doubt I will). Thanks!

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