Darrell just ordered an Atari on ebay. It just felt good to get annoyed with my mom first :) The guys are so excited looking over all the additional Atari games they could buy. I know it's kind of stupid to be buying that kind of thing instead of the hugely complex games that exist now, but Darrell said he wants the crawlspace to be a fun place without the kind of long, complicated game that can cause painful obsessions. :P

We have a nice crawlspace. There's a light, and carpet scraps on the floor. The walls are sheetrock and the guys put up a bunch of pictures. We've got a little TV in there, and a DVD player and a couple of older game systems. Originally I had put the Christmas tree in there in a box but Darrell didn't want it cluttering up his fun space so he put it in the computer room. Whatever! :) The next purchase is going to be a mini fridge. Has anybody here used one of those mini fridges where you flip a switch on the back and it turns into a "warmer" ? Weird invention. I hear they don't necessarily get things super cold but that isn't a big deal since they only want to store a couple of drinks. According to Darrell, it's mainly just for show, so we can impress people with all the stuff we have in our crawlspace. It is pretty cool, I guess. I was impressed when I first saw it when we were touring the house. You open up the closet in the basement and go in and do a U turn and suddenly you see this big room the size of our kitchen, except the ceiling is really low and you have to crawl. If I was a kid under three feet tall I would love to have a bunch of that fake kid-sized furniture in there. It would be like a dream come true. Since we're not having kids (we're too insane!!) we get to do kid stuff in there ourselves...

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Lori Lancaster | August 24, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | August 24, 2006
That's awesome! :) I am well and truly jealous.

And best of all, you can tell unwanted guests that it's the guest room, and they'll leave sooner! ;P

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