Blech. So, Scott designs websites, using php and whatever the hell, I have no idea, but I'm glad when he helps me cause I don't like all the program-y stuff.

I make websites in Dreamweaver, and I make a lot of them. Mostly I work with Dreamweaver because its easy to work with a graphical WYSIWYG program, and I am a very visual person. My basic skill is that I can make things pretty.

Now I've come to a dilemma, I'm sort of stuck, artist's block, I guess I would call it. I'm designing a webpage for a camping event for my "dress up silly and hit people with sticks" club, (Amtgard) it's in April, and it's a themed event. You camp, you have games, you eat a big feast, you drink around the fire with your bros. That sorta thing. It's called "Discord presents: Tortuga" (Discord being a yearly event being held at a sweet sweet paintball park that has tons and tons of playing area, a three story castle, and plenty of woods and little hideout places, it's been run for a long time, and this event will be held there, hence the Discord part, it will draw crowds.) It's in Indiana, and it's a pretty big event.

And the timeframe of announcing it and the website on it is drawing close.

Here's my dilemma. I need to make something bigger, better than my other sites, and I want it to have a piratey theme, but also a touch silly, the storyline is that Captain Morgan and the Bacardi Bat are arguing over who has the best rum.

And I can't think of a damned thing. I figured you all are creative I any ideas on a visual for this thing? I'm pirated out! My park just got over a pirate themed 6 months, I'm making a title award for a guy that plays a pirate, and part of the gift is a wooden pirate ship that I constructed. I even made awards during that time.

There's just so much an eye patch, a peg leg, a pirate on your shoulder and a penchant for rum and saying "yar!" can get ya.


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Scott Hardie | November 29, 2007
Treasure map? Guide to talking like a pirate? Music player with a songlist of sea shanties and calypso music? Y'arrr, there be many ideas left in the sea, lass.

Seriously though: Treasure map. Get your hands on a real map of the event location. Create a fictionalized one containing pirate-ized landmarks and riddles. Put a big red X where the treasure is. Then hide treasure at the event where it should be found, in some bushes or in a tree or something.

Aaron Shurtleff | November 29, 2007
Working off Scott's suggestion (because I got nothing), have you seen the movie Yellowbeard? You could have the map directions similar to the ones in that movie! (Not to spoil the movie (HA!), but Yellowbeard is trying to remember where he buried the treasure, and he was drunk when he buried it, so his remembering of directions consists of a lot of stagger-stagger-crawl-crawl-crawl). It was pretty funny, plus it brings in the rum theme, too.

Kelly Hardie | November 29, 2007
ha! I like that!

Lori Lancaster | November 29, 2007
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