one of our cats, Sketch was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) on Friday we spent the weekend at the the animal hospital before bringing her home late sunday night. Her Condition has been mixxed since though we hope for the best. Her heart seems to be OK and her lungs are free of fluid but she got severely dehydrated which has really messed up her digestive track. She is bright eyed, mobile and continues to fight with us so for the moment we don't feel that her time has come but just watching her is so hard when a week ago she was chasing the dog around the house with intent to do bodily harm. The sad thing is even if we get her back to health she could be gone in 6 months...then again she could also last 6 years

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it is with great sadness that I say Sketch has moved on....while we were feeding her this evening she had a heart attack, we drove her to the vet and he confirmed that she was in distress and likely would not recover, in short it was time to say's been a while since I've had to say goodbye to fur-person and it was very hard. I'm just happy that he's no longer in pain.

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Lori Lancaster | January 22, 2009
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Scott Hardie | January 23, 2009
Good photo. I know you've always been close to her. I hope she has a lot of time left, but if she does go soon, it's better she doesn't suffer longer.

Tony Peters | January 23, 2009
Edit sadly things have changed

Steve West | January 23, 2009
That was quick, indeed. Sure hope you had time to come to peace with the way this world was designed. Thanks for the time that cute kitty was here.

Aaron Shurtleff | January 23, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss. As a fellow pet owner, I can promise you that I've been there, and I know the pain. There are no words

Jackie Mason | January 24, 2009
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