I went into work yesterday...getting through the security turnstile that has replace the front doors of my building was more effort than I was expecting. The Elevator was not restful and when I finally did get to my office someone stole my heater (my office is so cold in the spring/summer/fall that an electric heater is required or icicles form from your breath (this isn't a joke). I was exhausted from the effort it took. At 2pm I left for the orthopedic surgeon's office where he gave me the good news (well good to me) I am scheduled to go under the knife Thursday, home Friday and after 6 weeks if all goes well I can begin Physical Therapy at that time. 2 maybe 3 screws and a plate will forever be part of my ankle, (airport security is going to love me). They also replaced the casted splint in my ankle which was a godsend....the new splint hold all the bones in my ankle together instead of allowing them to rattle around like dice in a bag, not to mention they allow me to stretch the time between meds to 6 hours instead of barely 4

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Lori Lancaster | September 25, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | September 26, 2008
well Surgery went well though a night spent on a morphine pump has left me ill prepared to deal with the pain that few screws in my fibula is causing...as soon as I can actually get on top of the pain I'll be fine. I do love the feeling of having my ankle all in one piece again

Steve West | September 26, 2008
Sounds like so far, so good. Hang in there.


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It's cool today. As I pull on my jacket, the leather creaks as the zipper closes. The engine, a bit reluctant to turn over in the brisk morning air, settles into a rumble as I finish donning my gear. Go »

Yet another funeral

one of the nice things about coming home after nearly 20 years away is that I get to see family the bad part is that the most common place to see family is at a funeral. Unlike last summer the weather was glorious so we have a couple of hundred people come to lay my Uncle Donny to rest. Everything was pretty straight until one of the grandchildren laid a Hot Wheels car of a 68 Chevelle, exactly like the one Donny drove for nearly 40 years, in the grave. Go »

the next grand adventure..........

as a retired sailor I really thought nothing of deploying and leaving my wife with the cats and dog at home while I went off to fight wars, fix submarines and otherwise earn a living.......now the shoe is on the other foot. I am in school fulltime taking care of the cats, the dog the house and whatever else pops up while my wife and best friend moves to DC to take her dream job. Go »

Oh what a day

After spending the morning cleaning and setting up for a visit from my inlaws (looking forward to that being over) I spent the afternoon Downhill skateboarding with a bunch of guys...life is so simple with a bit of speed. I'm the 4th guy to enter the screen, Black shirt, Blue helmet, Pink wheels trying to stay in the draft of the two kids in a tight draft train. Go »

Change 3

a 07:30 phone call saying ooppsss uimmmm well it turns out that you are gonna have to go after all and we are gonna have to send 2 teams is not that way I wanted to start the day. Neither is sweet talking the travel clerk who's day we ruined yesterday to redo all the work she did yesterday....however other than cancelling my New Years plans, a ride with my dad and a climb with my brother, this on again off again travel thing isn't too much of a burden. Go »

more liquid metal

My sculpture Professor decided that the burner we use for melting metal wasn't working out well, since it was designed for a forge and not a furnace he had a furnace burner made.....it used to take hours to melt 20lb of bronze, it took us 40 minutes yesterday. I have never seen the crucible as hot as it was. Go »