I went into work yesterday...getting through the security turnstile that has replace the front doors of my building was more effort than I was expecting. The Elevator was not restful and when I finally did get to my office someone stole my heater (my office is so cold in the spring/summer/fall that an electric heater is required or icicles form from your breath (this isn't a joke). I was exhausted from the effort it took. At 2pm I left for the orthopedic surgeon's office where he gave me the good news (well good to me) I am scheduled to go under the knife Thursday, home Friday and after 6 weeks if all goes well I can begin Physical Therapy at that time. 2 maybe 3 screws and a plate will forever be part of my ankle, (airport security is going to love me). They also replaced the casted splint in my ankle which was a godsend....the new splint hold all the bones in my ankle together instead of allowing them to rattle around like dice in a bag, not to mention they allow me to stretch the time between meds to 6 hours instead of barely 4

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Lori Lancaster | September 25, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | September 26, 2008
well Surgery went well though a night spent on a morphine pump has left me ill prepared to deal with the pain that few screws in my fibula is causing...as soon as I can actually get on top of the pain I'll be fine. I do love the feeling of having my ankle all in one piece again

Steve West | September 26, 2008
Sounds like so far, so good. Hang in there.


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world traveler

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vacation and such

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more liquid metal

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thursdays are my life

at least for the next 6 weeks I get to visit the doc every Thursday...today was awesome the PA at my Orthopedist is a genius at casting..the cast/splint I received at the hospital was comfortable for all of two days and then after the swelling dropped it was all angles and uncomfortable...getting Go »

animals are family

one of our cats, Sketch was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) on Friday we spent the weekend at the the animal hospital before bringing her home late sunday night. Her Condition has been mixxed since though we hope for the best. Her heart seems to be OK and her lungs are free of fluid but she got severely dehydrated which has really messed up her digestive track. Go »

Beyond annoying...

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