I went into work yesterday...getting through the security turnstile that has replace the front doors of my building was more effort than I was expecting. The Elevator was not restful and when I finally did get to my office someone stole my heater (my office is so cold in the spring/summer/fall that an electric heater is required or icicles form from your breath (this isn't a joke). I was exhausted from the effort it took. At 2pm I left for the orthopedic surgeon's office where he gave me the good news (well good to me) I am scheduled to go under the knife Thursday, home Friday and after 6 weeks if all goes well I can begin Physical Therapy at that time. 2 maybe 3 screws and a plate will forever be part of my ankle, (airport security is going to love me). They also replaced the casted splint in my ankle which was a godsend....the new splint hold all the bones in my ankle together instead of allowing them to rattle around like dice in a bag, not to mention they allow me to stretch the time between meds to 6 hours instead of barely 4

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Lori Lancaster | September 25, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | September 26, 2008
well Surgery went well though a night spent on a morphine pump has left me ill prepared to deal with the pain that few screws in my fibula is causing...as soon as I can actually get on top of the pain I'll be fine. I do love the feeling of having my ankle all in one piece again

Steve West | September 26, 2008
Sounds like so far, so good. Hang in there.


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world traveler

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post pain pump

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Driving in europe.

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