I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 195....I have run out of holes on my belt and none of my shorts fit...
for the most part this is because I ride this bike 5-6 days a week and I'm eating healthy. I haven't felt this good in a lot of years. I still wake up with aches and pains. I know when it's gonna rain a day ahead of time but the buzzing in my ankle is greatly reduced and the years of damage to my knees seems to be working its way out as well. I usually start the day with yoga sun salutation just to loosen up my body but I am finding those much easier as well
as for the rest of my life, I heard from my advisor yesterday and I now have all the classes I need to be considered a full time student by the VA now I just need my GI bill to come in and I will be set for this fall..........

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Jackie Mason | August 5, 2009
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Tony Peters | August 5, 2009
Thanks, After hitting 195 I've been bouncing up and down a pound all week, same thing happened at 200 and 205 so I guess that's just the way my body is reorganizing weight. I have two goals with all this
one is to fit into my leather motorcycle pants by october and
two to have my legs in shape for snowboarding this winter.
The second is easier my leathers are a 34" waist and I am a 36 right now.

School wise I am leaning to Art and Communications (not sure which is gonna end up my Major) since that is the bulk of what I have done over the last 20 years but this fall is all about 100 level courses, I have roughly 24 credits worth that I need to get out of the way

Jackie Mason | August 7, 2009
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Tony Peters | August 7, 2009
if I had enough snow to X-country ski I would be all over it....more upper body than biking but the same lower body workout....I did some snowshoeing last winter but nothing serious since I didn't have the muscle endurance to do much


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