If you're lazy like me, there's not a right time to put away the clean dishes. Who cares if you use them one-by-one out of the dishwasher? But there *is* a right time to discover that they're still dirty, and that's long before you're putting away the last couple of items after eating out of the dishwasher for days.

At least now I know why I spent the weekend going to and from the bathroom.

Five Replies to Bad Housekeeping

Jackie Mason | September 18, 2007
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Scott Hardie | September 18, 2007
I feel the same way. I'm lazy about cleaning up, so having friends over every weekend is one way that I force myself to keep the apartment clean. This dishwasher thing was a freak accident, and the realization that I'd been eating off of dirty dishes was a revolting "oh god... oh god..." moment, like waking up from a drunken one night stand and realizing it's your grandmother.

Amy Austin | September 18, 2007
Ewwww... that makes my face scrunch up involuntarily -- *both* of those thoughts.

Lori Lancaster | September 18, 2007
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Jackie Mason | September 19, 2007
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