It always seems that 2-3 books that I have been patiently are all released by the publishers at the same time...such was the case for me with Wrath of a Mad God and the latest Dresden files book Small Favor...unsure which one I wanted to read more I switched from day to day reading one and then the other. I probably could have read both in less time had I stuck to just one book but both had captivating stories. I finished Wrath on Monday and Dresden last night in the tub after skating boarding home...

Skateboarding home for me is a 20 mile endevor, that I have so far done twice. I can't skate the whole way since there are 3 hills that right now I just can't push a skateboard up and have to walk. As my conditioning gets better I hope to cut that to 1 hill which is just too damn steep to do anything but walk and even walking it sucks (payoff is a 1.5mile downhill that is smooth and effortless). Otherwise I move along at roughly bicycle speed pushing, pumping or just rolling down a hill. Last night I was tired but a 20minute soak in a hot tub releived most of my pains unlike last week which I was completely exhausted for a day afterwards this week I'm a be sore but otherwise fine. As for why I am doing this to myself...well partly to get in shape but also because a group of us are planning on skateboarding across Connecticut to raise money for the ASPCA this summer...right now my portion of the relay is roughly 20 miles but if I can get into better shape I may extend it to 60-70 miles.


The musings of Tony Peters, a perpetual child, no matter where I am I will find a way to climb something or go skateboarding Read more »

Driving in europe.

OK one of the more enjoyable part of my job is the fact that I get to drive overseas. Part of this is due to the fact that I have had an international diving permit for 7 years now and another part is that I am actually used to driving on the wrong side of the road. (3 years in Japan). Go » life got a bit easier

I have a music fetish....I collect it and organize it and listen to it all day long....I am likely addicted to my shuffle, the New Itunes 8 just made my life so easy....Genius Go »

My Suitcase

OK my trip around the Mediterranean sea was pleasant enough, Cyprus would be a great place to visit anytime not in the winter. Less than 20% of the city of Limasol was open, which made doing anything including eating an adventure. Lots of ruins, did anyone know that Cyprus is/was the birthplace of Aphrodite, I didn't. Go »

world traveler

Well I'm finally home after 2 1/2 weeks of wandering the earth...Diego Garcia is the definition of tropical paradise...granted the only things to do are exercise or drink and I'm not a drinker...long Go »

Change 3

a 07:30 phone call saying ooppsss uimmmm well it turns out that you are gonna have to go after all and we are gonna have to send 2 teams is not that way I wanted to start the day. Neither is sweet talking the travel clerk who's day we ruined yesterday to redo all the work she did yesterday....however other than cancelling my New Years plans, a ride with my dad and a climb with my brother, this on again off again travel thing isn't too much of a burden. Go »

awaiting surgery

I went into work yesterday...getting through the security turnstile that has replace the front doors of my building was more effort than I was expecting. The Elevator was not restful and when I finally did get to my office someone stole my heater (my office is so cold in the spring/summer/fall that an electric heater is required or icicles form from your breath (this isn't a joke). Go »