....Must play Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!

I finally understand why they called that earlier game "EverCrack." Holy crap I'm hooked.

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Denise Sawicki | September 8, 2006
My mom and I played the previous game. Pretty awesome. It's cool because there is such a huge world to explore. She got number IV but I guess her video card isn't compatible so she can't play it yet. I might be nuts but I think I still prefer Might and Magic 6 and 7 because they have such pretty colors :-)

Kris Weberg | September 8, 2006
Have you seen the new print ad campaign for D&D? It mocks Everquest with the slogan: "D&D: Because if you're going to sit in your basement killing dragons, you should hang out with your friends while you do it."

I'm not sure whether to fault them for ignoring Everquest's own quite complex social dynamics or lambaste it for ostensibly mocking their own customer base. Chalk another one up for my old enemy, irony without real meaning.

Scott Hardie | September 9, 2006
Heh. I wonder how they factor Neverwinter Nights into their promotion.

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You got it right, Denise. It's a huge huge world to explore (I can't fathom how big Daggerfall was after reading about it on Wikipedia – twice the land size of Great Britain? good lord), but it also isn't the prettiest despite the high definition graphics. My only big complaint with the game is the lockup factor: About every three hours, it gets so resource-intensive that it locks up my Xbox 360, half the time forcing me to get up and manually turn off the machine since the controller's off button locked up with it. But it's great fun and a huge game. The Onion review said that it's not so much a video game as a lifestyle decision, like getting married or having children.

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