This is the truncated version of a much longer and more ambitious post about my relationships and why I don't blog about them. Let's just leave the reason at "duh."

Denise and I tried being friends again after breaking up, but it was based on each of us not saying what we really thought of the other, which is always unwise. Last weekend, her questioning revealed a bit of what I really think of her – I suppose it would have revealed a lot more if I'd had time to plan my words – and since then I haven't heard from her. If she did want to speak to me, I doubt if I'd want to answer. No hard feelings, but it's time to set our pretenses aside and get on with our separate lives. I'm indifferent about it.

Independently of this, Kelly and I began speaking again last weekend. She wrote something untrue about me online, I found out and argued my side of the story, and we arrived at a truce that has led to a few friendly conversations. I spent the last year dating other women and even began building a future with Denise, all of it part of a genuine effort to put Kelly behind me. But the whole time, I kept a difficult truth to myself, which is that I still love Kelly. She's the only woman I want; I have zero interest in dating anyone else for the foreseeable future. I don't know what might come of any of this, but I don't want to be dishonest about it any more, and that's why I'm writing this here.

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Jackie Mason | June 17, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Jackie Mason | June 17, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | June 17, 2007
Was there a reason given for the bounce? I'd like to fix it if possible. :-|

Thanks for the input, anyway. Try pasting the text of the message into the feedback form, which I'm guaranteed to receive. Or there's the Secret Reply option right here in this window.

Scott Hardie | June 17, 2007
Just to be clear: I have no expectation of reunion with Kelly. I wrote that paragraph merely to put two facts on the "public record" of my life, A) we're talking and B) I still have feelings for her.

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