This website has some hilarious sections (most times intentionally, I think) offering many odd items for sale. My favorite is the Law & Order coloring book. Check out that connect the dots page - I wonder who that could be? I'll never know if I don't connect those dots. Be sure to go to the store and see amazing gifts like the Mr. T Christmas card set, Seinfeld swinging nunchakas poster, and a remarkable Last Supper rendition with James Woods substituted for all characters including one as Robocop. Much more amazing stuff.

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Amy Austin | November 14, 2007
This reminded me of a link sent to someone a few years back... when I was on the Vinson:
I am better than your kids

Warning: May or may not be tear-inducingly funny to parents... but it is to me! Not for the eyes of the young and well-intended artistes out there... ;-D

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