I saw myself at the grocery. Tall, fat, shaved head, black collared shirt, black slacks, black leather shoes. I caught up to myself and muttered "I like the look" with a wink, and myself smiled, then myself's girlfriend saw us together and laughed. Later I spotted myself unloading groceries from the car a few buildings away in my apartment complex. Small world.

Nine Replies to Doppelgänger

Matthew Preston | June 12, 2007
Ha, nice. I'm curious what yourself's girlfriend was like. From your brief encounter, did she seem like someone you'd be interested in? Trying to start a nature vs. nurture debate here I think. :)

I saw my doppelganger (Matthew C.1998) on TV once. I was visiting the hospital with my sister because my dad was in the hospital in England. I cried a lot and fidgeted with my glasses and goatee.

Scott Hardie | June 13, 2007
Actually, myself's girlfriend was pretty hot. I ought to try to go "home" one night and see what happens.

Matthew, I'm surprised at your memory. Did you forget about that time that reality TV crew was filming your life and your dad had to go to England for that operation? It was the same day I lent you that hundred bucks...

Jackie Mason | June 13, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | June 13, 2007
If I am, I have even less of a life than I thought.

Matthew Preston | June 13, 2007
Ah crap... is this like something out of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?

- Matthew Preston has hired the services of Lacuna Inc. to erase the memory of ENGLAND/FATHER/OPERATION from his mind. Please refrain from making any mention that may disrupt this process -

Anna Gregoline | June 13, 2007
Oh Scott, I forgot to tell you that I also sent you a Scott Hardie replicant for your birthday. Hope it wasn't too startling! =)

Scott Hardie | June 13, 2007
Damn, dude. That was the Two Kates trip, remember? When you scored with Kate Winslet and Kate Beckinsale at the same time? And for years afterwards you called it the greatest night of your life? Why are you pretending you don't remember?

Thanks, Anna. After he gets home from my job, he's going to do the dishes I left on the counter and give blood to charity in my name. It's weird how he showed up clean-shaven now that I have a goatee on my chin...

Kris Weberg | June 13, 2007
Wait a minute...if he's clean-shaven and you have a goatee now...gasp!

You're not our Scott, but the Evil Mirror Universe Scott!

Matthew Preston | June 15, 2007
[hidden by author request]

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