I really wish it were talent alone that made actors succeed in Hollywood. But (big shocker) looks and "who knows whom" still co-reigns with ability. Some individuals succeed without perfect looks and even with somewhat flawed looks. Interesting perspective here on which body parts of various celebs are most unwanted in Hollywood.

Six Replies to Durante Made A Living With That Nose

Aaron Shurtleff | October 26, 2007
What? No one asks to look like Tori Spelling or Steve Buschemi? I am shocked..I mean..WHAT??! What kind of world are we living in?! That's the super couple, right there. They should have lots of kids, just to put pretty back into the gene pool. ;)

Denise Sawicki | October 26, 2007
Those kinda sites bother me. I never realized I have a big ugly nose until I read one of those kinds of websites a few months ago :P It's something I could have happily gone without knowing. What I mean more generally is, I'm sure these things hurt a lot of people's feelings for no particular purpose... No offense intended to you Steve, it is still an interesting link.

Amy Austin | October 26, 2007
1) "Big ugly" features does not immediately translate to "big ugly person" -- like Steve points out, there are more than a few folks out there who are famous for reasons other than physical perfection... or even more pointedly, *because of* or *despite* their very remarkable IMperfections! The talented ones shine with a kind a charisma and appeal that makes them uniquely attractive, even if not traditionally "beautiful" by Hollywood standards. (And the rest *cough cough* Tori Spelling *cough cough* just make you go "must be nice to have a Daddy Warbucks...") Even though I find this to be more true for men, I still think it should offer a bit of encouragement... not hurt feelings. (Someone should really tell Owen Wilson, though, because I think he's a great comedic talent and worry sometimes that he might be taking the nose thing too hard -- I would really hate to see yet another Belushi/Farley/Jeni go to waste!!!)

2) Two people with "ugly" features does not always add up to one (or more) "really ugly" child... and vice versa. I have seen some of the most butt-ugliest (nobody) parents have the most gorgeous offspring... and I don't think that little miss Shiloh is necessarily safe from the ugly stick just because she's the biological byproduct of the top two of People's "World's Most Beautiful" -- odds may be in her favor, but there is Always at least one "ugly" branch in Anybody's family tree!!!

Steve West | October 26, 2007
No offense, Denise. I'm actually one of those guys that admire a physical "flaw" in the women I'm most attracted to. My brother frequently teases me over a crush I had twenty years ago over Jane Alexander. Go figure. I still think she's a beautiful lady.

Amy Austin | October 26, 2007
Yay, Steve -- I agree!!! But it's obviously quite a personal and subjective kind of thing...

Jackie Mason | October 27, 2007
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