Yes, it's too early for Halloween. However, if you plan to order or make a

Six Replies to Halloween Post #1: Too Early For Halloween?

Denise Sawicki | September 28, 2007
Neato... I've seen a costume before where the person appears to have two heads, but that's not as good. Anyhow yes it is too early for Halloween. I feared it might take a month to get everything together. and I didn't want to order the cape and blazer online for 70 British pounds each. (Around $280 total? I'd be quite ashamed of myself)

Steve West | September 28, 2007
Your costumes are awesome, BTW.

Denise Sawicki | September 28, 2007
Thanks, ever seen The Prisoner? You might actually be old enough to have seen its original release, haha...

Steve West | September 28, 2007
Haha nothin'! This from the newly 30 year old! Yes, I would have been old enough if my parents had any interest in BBC type productions. They didn't, more of the HeeHaw, Laugh-in set. I was more interested in Rocky and Bullwinkle at the time, myself. I've seen a few episodes since but don't remember a great deal except that it was weirdly enjoyable.

Lori Lancaster | September 28, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | September 28, 2007
I saw The Prisoner back when they were showing episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel (of all places). I saw one episode on the Mystery Channel once, too, but never again. I enjoyed the show, although that ball thing freaked me out! :)

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