So, I've finally got some form of high speed internet though it's probably the slowest high speed they make (512 k). I like it though. It is so much better than what we had before. It's not like we were really planning on downloading a lot of crazy huge things... I was wondering though. Skype (voice only) is supposed to work with this speed connection, right? I downloaded the Skype software... does anybody here have Skype and willing to let me talk to them briefly just to make sure it really works? (The "echo" service they had to test it worked) Heheh. You may be wondering why I got Skype if I've got nobody to talk to on it, well the plan is Darrin may talk to his friends in England but he may have to call them on their phones which means we'd have to shell out actual money and we want to make sure it works first or something... heheh... I guess the echo thing was supposed to prove that but I'm skeptical and a bit dumb about all this "new technology". We were all gathered around the computer like it was some crazy newfangled invention today...

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Jackie Mason | August 15, 2010
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Kelly Hardie | August 15, 2010
Congrats on the speedy internet! I have skype as well....somewhere.

Scott Hardie | August 15, 2010
No Skype here, but yay for broadband. So much of my life is lived online, personally and professionally, that I couldn't imagine being without it. Even if it won't happen, I yearn to see the government fund nationwide adoption of broadband or at least do more to encourage it; the economic and educational benefits would far outweigh the cost.

Amy Austin | August 15, 2010
Welcome to the present, Denise. ;-)

I can Skype you if you want.

Denise Sawicki | August 16, 2010
We just went ahead and bought the $10 of service and it does in fact work. Not as cheap as we thought but maybe that is because he was calling a cell phone. But, my name on there is denise.sawicki if anyone wants to add me or whatever. I'm not even sure how it works with the skype-to-skype thingy, I suppose people have to set up a time to talk in advance or something?
Hmm. I didn't see any comments to the effect that my interent is still way too slow. The guy selling me it claimed it would be too slow and wanted me to do 768k or some weird number like that but it didn't really sound any different. It is wireless and they only had those two speeds. I only picked this company basically because I could easily set it up myself and could return it for no charge in a week if it didn't work., which I rather expected it wouldn't. I thought most people thought 7 MB was a bare minimum or something. It has been really fast so far though. Hopefully it is not some scam where it suddenly becomes as slow as dialup after the 7 day trial or something. I'm just suspicious because everyone seems to think it is so slow.

Scott Hardie | August 18, 2010
If it feels fast enough for you, and the price is right, how much does it matter? Once net neutrality breaks down, I'm sure we'll all be paying different rates for data consumption anyway.

Jackie Mason | September 1, 2010
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