So I cut off all my hair this weekend, about 16 inches of it. Now it is above chin length. I like it better this way but can't be bothered to get it cut more than once a year (I think I went 2 years this time). They are donating my hair to bald children I guess. I was a bit skeptical, I mean every end was a split end and maybe the children would rather be bald than have that many split ends, but whatever! I don't think anyone at work has seen it yet :) That is how much human interaction I have. Also I wear my hoodie a lot. I imagine I'll get a lot of comments at our Friday donut break anyhow. One think about only getting your hair cut once a year is people notice :P I never understood why people would pay to get their hair cut just a little bit so they look the same when they come out as when they go in :).

Also I'm attempting to clear the yard of dandelions using just one of these and no chemicals:

I mean my mom and dad managed it on their yard and theirs is much bigger than ours so it must be possible, right? I'm starting to think they must be superhuman. I'm also starting to think the dandelion is the true dominant species on the planet. I mean you get rid of it, you pull a huge root out of the ground and I swear the next day it is back and bigger than ever. At least it makes me feel useful to try. Haha. Life would be so much easier if humans just agreed that dandelions are not our enemy and are in fact kind of cute but I don't think that's going to happen.

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Amy Austin | May 20, 2008
Life would be so much easier if humans just agreed that dandelions are not our enemy and are in fact kind of cute but I don't think that's going to happen.

I already agree with this -- not just cute, but useful, too... in fact, I've read that dandelion greens make for an excellent salad, and you can also make wine with them (don't know how good that is... sounds pretty weird to me!)... shoot, some people make an art of cooking with them!* -- maybe it's something that people should think about, considering the current economy, gas & food prices!

*This guy is even willing to get arrested for eating them! (home page link from above)

More on dealing with dandelions...

Aaron Shurtleff | May 20, 2008
I guy I game with ("game with" being geek speak for playing Dungeons and Dragons) brings dandelion wine to our annual gaming weekend ("gaming weekend" being geek speak for six guys hanging around shooting the breeze, playing D&D, and drinking dandelion wine), and it's actually really good! It's got a bit of a sweeter taste, in my opinion, which is good, because most wine is just way too bitter to drink.

Don't knock it until you try it!

And welcome to the "cut all my hair off" club, Denise! If you're inspired, post a picture!! :D

Denise Sawicki | May 20, 2008
Lots of good information there Amy. I know people eat them. I don't know how well it would go over at our house though. :) You have a point about food prices. The amount of dandelions a small yard can produce is astronomical.

Jackie Mason | May 24, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | May 29, 2008
Hair cuts hair cuts shaved my head nicks

I have few dandelion plants growing for the leaves the rest gut pulled regularly....

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