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Three Replies to Gossip Grrr

Scott Hardie | November 18, 2018
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Erik Bates | November 18, 2018
Hey man, mistakes happen. I think it's important to recognize when gossip is malicious.

At the same time, I suppose I can understand why she might be upset, but I would hope that it would blow over, considering how there was no ill intent.

I have too many times been in the position of saying something unintentionally inappropriate at work. My saving grace has always been that my coworkers know me well enough to know there is no ill intent in what I said or did, and that the occasional slip-up shouldn't be a ding on my character. What I know if you, I feel like you're much like me in that regard - people recognize you as a good person.

I mean, that's how I see you, at least. You've always been one to, in my opinion, go out of your way to make sure people don't feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. I can't imagine you being any different outside the confines of Funeratic.

Scott Hardie | November 19, 2018
I appreciate that, thanks. But I still feel like I was negligent in my responsibility to be discreet with someone else's private business. It wasn't as bad as malicious blabbing, so pointing that out does make me feel better, but it was still wrong.

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