(link) Thanks, Jon.

Six Replies to TACO TOWN!!

Erik Bates | October 22, 2006
Well, I couldn't hear it (computer issues), but it looks pretty damn funny.

Erik Bates | October 22, 2006
Ok, now that I got sound, it's even funnier.

Lori Lancaster | October 23, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Jackie Mason | October 24, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Kerry Odell | October 24, 2006
HA! Brings new meaning to "Montezuma's Revenge!!"

Matthew Preston | October 26, 2006
Jackie, I know what I'm cooking up this weekend! All except the blueberry pancacke, that's just disgusting.

Logical Operator

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Another of Fareed Zakaria's perfectly lucid articles today, suggesting the only way out of Iraq: (link) Go »

A Fib

I wish the title was "a fib" as in a lie. But no, it's "A Fib" as in atrial fibrillation. That's a heart condition in which the upper part of your heart doesn't keep a rhythm. Go »


There are some dangerous intersections in our neighborhood, where trucks come barreling through after the light turns red. This morning, Kelly and I were waiting at the light when she dropped her sunglasses. "Fuck beans," she muttered, unbuckling her seat belt and leaning forward just as the light turned green. Go »

Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Facial Reconstructive Surgery

When Roger Ebert took ill last fall, I thought it would pass in a week like his previous cancer scares, and he'd barely mention it. Then he didn't come back to work for months, and I thought he'd announce his retirement, because it's really hard to go back to doing something full-time when you've rested too long, even if you love it like he does. Then he announced that he'd be present at his annual film festival this month, and I thought the recovery was done and he was about to return. Go »

Mystery Gift

Thank you, Johnson, whoever you are. I received what I presume is a birthday gift hand-labeled from someone named "Johnson" in Jacksonville, Alabama, postmarked Anniston, Alabama on May 22nd. This means it's someone who knows me well enough to anticipate my birthday and know my home address. Go »

The Devil and David Hasselhoff

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