So today, instead of going home after work, I decided that being at the park for our weekly Monday night amtgard meetings was a better idea after running some errands. I got there an hour early, before the lights came on in the pavilion, but it was ok, because of the creepy warm weather we've been having. Someone else, who hasn't been there in a long time, decided that he thought that it started at 5:30, was there too. Together we built a half assed fire in the in the fire-pit, using a lighter, some dry wood that was in the pavilion and his axe body spray. After nearly singeing our eyebrows off, we gave up.

And then we saw the lighting. And I noticed the peculiar warm weather. And decided that the thunderstorm was more than likely a tornado. And Springfield was leveled two years ago by a tornado.

Screw that, I'm not dying with Amtgarders. I'm going home.

And one the way home my van stopped working. In the rain. In a possible tornado. It stopped working. Pushing the pedal did nothing. I was stuck in someone's driveway till my friends came over and found that the van was happy to drive backwards, just not forwards.

We drove it to my apartment, backwards. And then later another friend came over to look at it. And they all proclaimed: "Something is wrong with the transmission and we can't fix it."


My van is dead and I am screwed until (I hope) my parents let me borrow their van, which could work cause my dad isn't going to be driving any time soon, he had surgery today, and will be out of work till Feb at least, and my mom doesn't drive anymore really, and they have two vehicles. Three, technically, but my brother is borrowing the other one.


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Lori Lancaster | January 8, 2008
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Amy Austin | January 9, 2008
Man... and I thought *my* life was a comedy of errors! Sorry to laugh, but... that stuff is just weirdly funny -- Axe body spray? Dying with Amtgarders?? Driving backwards to your apartment??? Pardon my amusement, but that's just screenwriting fodder if I ever heard it... ;-)

Oh, and I'm glad you're okay, too... ;-D

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