This isn't a very popular opinion these days, but it's from the heart: I'm getting terribly fed up with Christmas all around me, and being wished a merry Christmas dozens of different ways every day both verbal and non-verbal. Normally I think political correctness is a joke and the word "offended" is a thoroughly dead horse of a cliché, but I have no other word for how I feel than offended. I'm not Christian and want nothing to do with the holiday of Christmas. The sheer revolting ubiquity of holiday decorations around every corner makes me feel claustrophobic. I smile and nod like a second-class citizen who knows his place, but being begged to come and watch carolers because no one else showed up (maybe that tells you something) and having my inboxes beseiged by animated reindeer puts me in one seriously grouchy mood. Christians generally celebrate Easter in privacy at home; how I long for Christmas to be treated the same way. It's maddening.

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Denise Sawicki | December 14, 2006
I've probably been guilty of telling you merry Christmas before and I'm a lifelong atheist. I just like presents! Oh well...

Aaron Shurtleff | December 14, 2006
Well, there is a pretty high-profile Easter egg hunt at the White House, but I see your point. ;) And I'm probably equally as guilty about doing it (to you and many others). Not to make excuses, but the spirit (that's lower case, so it's not religious!) sometimes fills us and we have to let it flow! It's a wonderful time of the year for us! Think of it as a lot of pomp for the winter solstice! Go pagan! :)

Jackie Mason | December 17, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Anna Gregoline | December 19, 2006
I agree with you - I'm sick to death of Christmas.

I'm sick of the terrible decorations, the fake enthusiasm, the fact that my company has not one, but THREE holiday parties, the last of which is MANDATORY (on the 22nd, no one is allowed to leave until the office closes at 2 p.m., but there is no work done that day, just drinking and eating. Hey, fine, but it's totally weird that the party is non-negotiable).

And as a pagan, I get really irritated by all this Christian claiming of Christmas anyway - it's not your holiday! Christians co-opted the winter solstice long ago.

I don't begrudge gifts for my family but it's one more thing to worry about. I'd rather the focus be on togetherness instead of presents, and yes, I'd be fine with getting nothing for Christmas.

Commericalism sucks and it doesn't seem like most people are having that much fun these days with Christmas anyway.

Otherwise people wouldn't be so relieved when it's over, would they?

Scott Hardie | December 23, 2006
Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I don't object to early Christmas celebration any more than Christmas celebration in general, and I don't object to the commercialization of Christmas beyond its general obnoxiousness. What bugs me is the inescapable ubiquity of Christmas at this time of year. This is me being a cranky old man at 28, but I really just want Christmas to get out of my face already. Togetherness is great and I have fond feelings for friends and loved ones like everyone else, but stop blinding me with holiday decorations around every corner and assaulting my ears with jingles and peppering the news headlines with ridiculous holiday fluff. Let people who want to celebrate the day do so, but give the rest of us some peace on Earth. And I won't even comment on mandatory Christmas parties because I don't think I can hold my temper. :-)

I do appreciate the Christmas cards and wishes sent to me by friends, because that's a personal greeting with meaning beyond the holiday. Thank you all for that.

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