Yesterday, we held the memorial service for my father-in-law. There were approximately 100 people attending and afterward about 1/3 gathered at his home for a small meal and sharing remembrances. I chose to share my memory of the time, twenty years ago, when I asked him for his blessing for my planned proposal to Brenda, his eldest daughter. I called him and we arranged a visit to discuss an important matter. I went to his house same day and just the two of us sat in his living room. I was very nervous. Norm had a demeanor and reputation for being a tough, no-nonsense kind of guy. So after a few minutes of chat, he asked me what was on my mind. I told him of my plan to propose to Brenda and that I was there to ask for his blessing. I told him that whether he gave it or not, I was going to propose but in all honesty, I would truly like to receive it. He pondered that for a minute and then replied, "I've always wanted one thing for Brenda. That someday someone would enter her life and would love her as much as I do. And that man would let nothing - not even me - get in his way of marrying her. I sense that in you and therefore, I give you my blessing." Although this took place two decades ago, the memory is still fresh in my mind. I had never told Brenda the complete details of that event and when I had finished recounting the story to the group of friends and family, I turned to Brenda and, as tenderly as I could, assured her that, "Your father loved you so much." She soaked my shoulder with tears of mixed sadness and joy.

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Scott Hardie | September 26, 2018
That's an excellent tribute, Steve. Norm's strength and devotion to his family outlive him.

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