Headline: Bush Commutes Libby's Prison Sentence

Yeah, there are complicated legal and political factors involved, but to the average citizen (me) it reads like "President's friend gets out of jail free." Man, I gotta track down George's MySpace and add him as a friend.

Two Replies to Scooter

Aaron Shurtleff | July 3, 2007
Not to bring the complications in here, but I'd be more concerned if Libby were getting in trouble for something. I think until someone is charged for actually blowing Plame's cover, it's asinine to punish someone for being deceptive during the inquiry to find out if someone did something wrong. If no one blew Plame's cover (which, if charges aren't being filed, is what the average citizen who isn't anti-Bush should think, in my opinion), Libby should not be in jail, I don't think.

And a $250,000 fine for being deceptive (or forgetful, if you buy that story) isn't getting out of jail free in my book.

Kris Weberg | July 3, 2007
You've got it exactly backwards, Aaron: no charges will be filed because Libby lied. His lies prevented the court from deciding fairly whether or not there was an underlying crime.

The average citizen will never know whether a crime was committed because I. Lewis Libby acted deliberately to conceal the truth fot he matter from the court. To assume no wrongdoing occurred because "no charges were filed" is like assuming a murder didn't occur because the killer's buddy successfully incinerated the corpse and cleaned up the crime scene. "Sure, he was standing next to a furnace, covered in soot, and he has no alibi, but there's no body, so there must not have been a murder."

In the case of something like the Plame investigation, and of white-collar crime in general, there's no physical evidence. There's just testimony. And if someone's testimony doesn't add up, charges can't be filed because the contradictions in the testimony prevent it.

Ask yourself this, Aaron: if no one did anything wrong here, why did Libby bullshit the grand jury?

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