Kelly recently spent a socially-distanced evening with some friends who were fostering a two-month-old kitten, and fell in love with her. Who couldn't love a face like this?

So, we put in the paperwork to adopt her, and two weeks ago, Willow came home with us for good. (The name was suggested by a friend's 4-year-old.)

This is my first kitten after a lifetime of adult cats, so I'm learning as I go. So far, it has meant a lot of juggling which cat is shut in which room or zippered-shut playpen while we manage their food, water, litter, and play time. We're slowly exposing Willow to the rest of the house, and to our other cat, who hates that we got her but is slowly tolerating her a little more each day. Willow remains tiny and prone to discovering little places to hide (she wasn't home for an hour when she found holes that let her get between our bathroom cabinets that we didn't even know existed), but she's super playful and constantly on the move. In just a few months, she'll reach adult size, so we want to enjoy her kitten phase as much as we can.

I'm grateful to the friends who took care of her and took time out of their schedule to help us with her, and I'm looking forward to many happy years with her.

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Erik Bates | November 30, 2020
I'm not much of a cat person, but she's pretty damn adorable.

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