Matthew Preston won this round on February 3, 2000. There were 6 goos.

Players this round: Aaron Fischer (3 goos solved), Kelly Lee (3 goos solved), Matthew Preston (3 goos solved), Jason Peter Fedorow (2 goos solved), and Lori Lancaster (1 goo solved).

Scott Weiland

This stoned pilot can really weil those tunes. Go »

Billie Jean King

The best lesbian tennis player ever. Who's the king? Go »

Bill Cosby

Comin' at 'cha saying the darndest things. Hey hey hey! Go »

Boris Yeltsin

Is it a sin to keep drinking after you resign, comrade? Go »

Jesus Christ

There aren't any sins of His father, but He's still cross. Go »

Whitney Houston

Houston, we have a problem. I will always love you. Go »