publication date: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 (part of Round XXIV)

category: Literature

clue: Be sensible here: You're only guessing at this goo, not marrying her.

explanation: Austen's books usually involved the pursuit of marriage to a successful man. The word "sensible" refers to her novel Sense and Sensibility. more…

solved by: Steve West, Matthew Preston, Denise Sawicki, Steve Dunn, Erik Bates, Amy Austin, Mike Eberhart, Dave Mitzman, Elliot Farney, Scott Horowitz, Megan Baxter, Lori Lancaster, Aaron Fischer, Mihai Rusu, Jackie Mason, Todd Brotsch, E. M., Christine Marie Doiron, Anna Gregoline, Brad Htnck, Elizabeth Chesher, Kevin Laudadio, Sean Price, Mark Moretto, and Taylor Morrissette

player landmarks: This was the first goo solved by Taylor Morrissette.

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