publication date: Friday, May 3, 2013 (part of Spring 2013)

category: Science

clue: Famous mother-daughter chemists are about as common as radium and polonium.

explanation: Marie Curie discovered radium and polonium with the help of her daughter Irene and husband Pierre, also accomplished chemists. more…

multiple: This goo was of multiple famous people. Players were required to guess all names for their answers to be correct.

solved by: Russ Wilhelm, Steve West, Samir Mehta, LaVonne Lemler, Chris Lemler, Justin Woods, Richard Slominsky, Matthew Preston, Mike Rothstein, Erik Bates, and Steve Dunn

trivia: A goo of Marie Curie was originally created for the "Deadly Development" theme, due to her eventual death from radiation poisoning. When researching the "Mothers and Daughters" theme, Scott decided that she would better fit into the latter with her daughter Irene. He pulled her "Deadly Development" goo and replaced it with stuntman Karel Soucek.

Mothers and Daughters: Some great women had a role model for their success. In honor of Mother's Day, here are ten famous mother-daughter pairs who achieved fame in the same profession. For each goo, you must guess both names to be correct.

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