This celebrity goo was created by player Steve West.
Scott Hardie replaced the difficulty provided by Steve.

publication date: Friday, February 4, 2022 (part of Winter 2022)

category: Aviation

clue: To win a bar bet, this drunken pilot landed a stolen plane on a Manhattan street. Two years later, a fellow patron's disbelief resulted in him doing it again.

explanation: Thomas Fitzpatrick had two passions, drinking and flying. He made a bet in a bar where he was drinking that he could make it from New Jersey to New York in less than 20 minutes. He stole a plane from a Teterboro flying school and landed it on a narrow street where the bar was. Later, he did it again at a different bar. more…

intended difficulty: easy

solved by: Russ Wilhelm, LaVonne Lemler, Samir Mehta, Richard Slominsky, and Scott Hardie

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