Scott Horowitz discusses life, the universe, and everything. In short, this is about the number 42.

Moving is not that bad

all moved into my new place. Getting cable was not too bad, and my couch comes next Friday. In other news, I get a letter from my rental agency, it seems they misquoted me on rent, they over stated by $69/month, so I got a check for $138 from them... Go »

Life changes

wow, it's been a while since I wrote a blog, stupid inactivity monitor :-p So, going to be moving again in about 6 weeks, want to get out of NJ and back into NY... looking at Queens. Also, I actually have a girlfriend, will wonders never cease? Go »


So, last night a few friends and I got together and went to a Karaoke Bar on Christmas Eve (what else will Jews do). We're sitting down enjoying a few beers, then my friend goes. "I think Eli Manning just walked in and sat next to you". Go »

My Boss

So, I've been at my new job for a little over 4 months now. I have to say I am very happy there, and one of the main reasons is my boss Jim. The main thing I like about Jim is the fact that when I do something good or important, he'll say "Good Job" or "Thanks a lot". Go »

Women suck!

So, I've been doing the world of online dating. I met this girl online and we seemed to hit it off pretty well. We went out 2 times, and on the second date, I said I'd call her to go see a movie we were talking about. Go »

Roommate Solution

So, the roomie didn't take the job, so we're stuck together for the near future.. Go »

Roommate Problems

So, let's talk about my life. I moved to Jersey City, because a close friend (and my roommate from college) was going to be teaching here, and it would not be a bad commute for me to work. Teaching didn't work out for him, and now he's looking for ajob. Go »

Been a busy few weeks

Wow, don't you hate it when life catches up. My new job is going great, busy as hell. I have also learned more about sales tax than I ever thought I would need to know, and programming software to do this is a pain. Go »

The Flight from hell

So, here's the story from my flight back from England. I flew back from Gatwick airport, which was a blessing in disguise because Heathrow was a nightmare. The people I was traveling with all had earlier flights than me, and since we had to check out of the hotel, I just went to the airport early. Go »

Eurotrip or How I learned to stop worrying and love flying internationally.

So, let's start at the beginning. I flew out from LaGuardia airport in NY. Since, I used mileage I had crappy flights and had a connection in Boston. Go »

The goggles, they do nothing...

On, July 7, I had LASIK Vision Corrective Surgery. On, July 8, when I woke up I could see... it was awesome. Go »

Viva La Liberacion

Today is Liberation day. I brought a suit case to work with me and am moving into my new apartment after work today. Moving the rest of the furniture this weekend, I can't wait. Go »