Wow, don't you hate it when life catches up. My new job is going great, busy as hell. I have also learned more about sales tax than I ever thought I would need to know, and programming software to do this is a pain. We design apparel software, so we need sales tax determined on clothing. In New York State, any individual garment under $110 is tax free, anything above is taxed. Simple enough. In Massachussets, any individual garment under $175 is tax free, anything above is taxed on the difference. Example: a $200 garmet is only taxed on $25. Trying to program all these exceptions is becoming a royal pain in the ass.

Not living with mom and dad is very nice. My commute is about 40 min with walking, which in NYC is not bad. My parents seem to want me to come home at every given opportunity... for some reason, I don't see eye to eye with them on this issue.

That's about it for now, I'll try to update more frequently.


Three Replies to Been a busy few weeks

Jackie Mason | October 24, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | October 26, 2006
Welcome back, Scott. I've missed your updates. :-)

Amy Austin | December 20, 2006
I think all states ought to be liike RI on apparel taxes -- there is no tax on clothing purchases here!!!


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