Anna Gregoline | March 22, 2005
If you could ban anything in the world, what would it be and why?

Scott Horowitz | March 22, 2005
Microsoft Access... It has given me more problems at work than anything else.

Aaron Shurtleff | March 22, 2005
Good question!

It's hard to whittle it down to the ONE thing. I'd be horrible if a genie granted me a wish. I'm too indecisive.

I would ban...chihuahuas! They are about the most annoying dog! Heck, I'd ban any dog that could fit into a gallon size ziplock bag...and I'd love to put them in ziploc bags!!! :) I'm a cat person...can you tell?

(I actually had a different thought, but I'm not starting a war! Although I might be starting one anyways...)

Jackie Mason | March 23, 2005
[hidden by request]

Aaron Shurtleff | March 23, 2005
Jackie, I'd go with that, but mostly because she has that little dog. But, at least there is common ground!!

E. M. | March 24, 2005
[hidden by request]

David Mitzman | March 24, 2005
I would ban Scott Horowitz.

John E Gunter | March 24, 2005
[quote]I would ban...chihuahuas! They are about the most annoying dog! Heck, I'd ban any dog that could fit into a gallon size ziplock bag...and I'd love to put them in ziploc bags!!! :)[/quote]

Of course you realize, Aaron, this means war! I'm just not sure what I'm firing back at you yet. Although, my game is the next in rotation! ;-)

[quote]Seriously, get the lottery to pay for it or something.[/quote]

I'd love it if our lottery did what it was supposed to do. Actually, that's not a true statement, our lottery is paying for schools, it's just that someone in our state government has taken the money that was originally going to schools and replaced it with the lottery money, not supplemented it like they said they were going to.

I got it; I'd ban shifty politicians! I guess that would mean there'd be no politicians, but at least I'm only banning the shifty ones! ;-D


Aaron Shurtleff | March 24, 2005
John, that dog of yours wouldn't fit in a gallon ziploc bag! Who are you trying to fool?

John E Gunter | March 24, 2005
I'll make sure to let him know you said that. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to discuss it the next time you come by.

Oh and he's my wife's dog, so I'll tell her you said that also! ;-D


Patrick Little | March 24, 2005
Be afraid Aaron, be very afraid...

Scott Hardie | March 27, 2005
Honest answer: War, hunger, poverty, disease, blah blah you know.

Answer you would actually want to read: I would ban media corporations from releasing "deluxe" or "special editions" of products within five years of the last release, except in cases where the "deluxe" and the "normal" versions are published on the same day (as a legitimate alternative to each other). I can't tell you how sick I am of buying a new album only to see the same album released three months later with a bonus track, or buying a "special edition" DVD only to see a "super special edition" released six months later with even more material.

Scott Hardie | March 28, 2005
Also: I would ban the "insert" key on my keyboard. Between backspace and delete, I am forever hitting this infernal button, and because there is no light for it on the keyboard, I can't tell at a glance where or not it's on. I have to test on the spot, or worse, find out after I have typed over half a sentence. Damn this key.

Amy Austin | March 28, 2005

Anna Gregoline | March 28, 2005
If you don't use the insert key, you could remove it?

Mike Eberhart | March 28, 2005
I would ban STUPID Drivers. I can't stand people who don't pay attention when they are driving. They think they own the road and no one else is one it. It's really been bad this past couple of weeks. I can't tell you how many Stupid people I've seen driving cars. I have know idea how they got a license to begin with. They had to of bought it at Wal-Mart or something. Just last night I had a guy in a Tahoe right on my back bumper. Probably not more then 4 feet from me. I was going the speed limit, which was 45, but it was like I was standing still. Anyway, that's who I would like to ban... Oh, and Old people too, drivers that is...

Jackie Mason | March 28, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | March 28, 2005
These drivers annoy the shit out of me, too... I don't think that anyone at all is immune. But what I try to do in order to prevent road rage is to tell myself that perhaps there is something that I can't see going on... something excusable that you just don't know about -- like, someone is rushing to/dying at the hospital, or something *really* bad just happened to that guy over the phone to put that angry look on his face -- something that has nothing to do with their behavior toward you. That's what I *try* to do... it doesn't always work.

Of course, I've heard some other good advice here as well. If these drivers serve no purpose, then perhaps we should take them all out??? ;DDDDD

Mike Eberhart | March 28, 2005
Oh, don't think I haven't wanted to do that. I've always wished that I had a .50 cal. BMG mounted to my car, so if someone cut me off or was just a dumb ass, I could take out their vehicle with it. Of course, that will never happen. I'll just have to stick with my road rage.

Amy Austin | March 28, 2005
I'm with you, Mike.

John E Gunter | March 28, 2005
I'd prefer a Javelin myself! ;-D

Scott Horowitz | March 29, 2005
I'd ban the asshole at the bar who always has his collar up. Someone should tell the fucker that the 80s ended 15 years ago.

Anna Gregoline | March 29, 2005
I'd ban people standing by the doors on the train. Um, people have to get on and off, dammit!

John E Gunter | March 29, 2005
How about people who just stand anyplace where they shouldn't. The middle of the aisle in the mall, a grocery store, a department store, etc. :-D

The ones that get me started are the ones who step right infront of you, because obviously, they're in a bigger hurry than you are and then five steps later, they stop right infront of you, causing you to almost run into them. :-D


Kris Weberg | March 29, 2005
I'd ban idiots who walk down sidewalks five abreast at the world's slowest possible pace. Especially since, without fail, they look sneeringly at anyone who scoots around their de facto blockade.

Scott Hardie | April 1, 2005
On the subject of people getting in your way, I'll mention one of Matthew Preston's pet peeves: People who stand in front of the doors waiting for the elevator to arrive, so that they can barge into it as soon as it does, instead of letting other people out first. It's not like the elevator is going to leave without them.

David Mitzman | April 1, 2005
I can't stand it when people walking through a store or other thoroughfare are completely oblivious to everyone else around them. Like you're walking down an aisle, someone is walking in front of you, and they'll just stop dead and then walk backwards to see something they missed and will cause collissions and other such nonsense.

John E Gunter | April 1, 2005
My wife does something very similar to that Dave. I'm stuck between being infuriated by it and trying to keep her from smashing into someone else. I try to make sure she focuses on the task at hand, but sometimes she doesn't. Not really trying to speak bad about her, but I see it first hand, so I know where you're coming from.

I've gotten to teasing her about it by taking my index and middle finger, pointing them at my eyes and saying, "Focus dear, focus." At first, it made her mad, but she thinks it's kind of funny now.

Oh and Scott, you never know, that elevator is probably just waiting for those people to lag for one second and then it's off! LOL ;-)


Michael Paul Cote | April 1, 2005
I would ban "Rev" Jesse Jackson and people like him who show up to give support to causes as long as the photographers are there and the cameras are rolling. I mean come on, was it really necessary for him to stick another unwanted nose into the Schiavo fiasco. The only person missing was the Pope and it was probably because he's ailing. Don't see Jesse rushing to his bedside.

John E Gunter | April 1, 2005
Yeah, I've noticed a tendency with Jackson lately of being an opportuniest. Lately as in he started doing it about 10 to 15 years ago.

Oh and the only reason why he wasn't at the Pope's bed is because the Papal was keeping the extent of his ailment secret.


David Mitzman | April 1, 2005
You forgot one person missing from the Schiavo fiasco. The Reverend Al Sharpton!

Steve Dunn | April 2, 2005
I'd ban spam.

David Mitzman | April 2, 2005
Good idea, Steve. I mean seriously, who thought that cannibalizing ham and forcing it into a little metal container would irritate so many people?

Amy Austin | April 2, 2005
I've always said that SPAM is actually an acronymn for Some Pretty Awful Meat.

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