Anna Gregoline | April 14, 2005
What animal do you like (or dislike) the most? Why? What kind of exotic pet would you have if you could?

(This is really just an excuse to talk about animals, one of my absolute favorite subjects).

Lori Lancaster | April 14, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | April 15, 2005
Yiii... Lori, you scare me sometimes!

Denise Sawicki | April 15, 2005
bicycling bears

Dave Stoppenhagen | April 15, 2005
Piranhas are fun to pet...

The Liger, it's pretty much my favorite animal

Anna Gregoline | April 15, 2005
The Pika


The Degu (don't forget to LISTEN to them!)



Jesse wants to keep chickens someday, which I consider exotic.

Lori Lancaster | April 15, 2005
[hidden by request]

Dave Stoppenhagen | April 15, 2005
My ferrets are considered exotic, at least that's what the vet bills have said. But they are cool and just as affectionate as dogs and extremly intelligent.

Scott Hardie | April 16, 2005
If you get a chicken, don't keep it in a backpack. Just trust me on this. I can say no more.

Amy Austin | April 16, 2005
Well, now, if *that* doesn't fit the name of this conversation, then I don't know what does...

Piranhas are fun to pet...

Yeah, I like to soak my feet in a tub with a few whenever I feel the need to exfoliate.

Michael Paul Cote | April 16, 2005
Had to fit that in didn't you Scott!

John E Gunter | April 16, 2005
Hey, chickens in backpacks are good, just set a room on fire and get it really hot. That backpack becomes an instant oven basting bag! ;-)


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