Well, here we are again. How's everyone been doing? I'm doing fine. Great, actually! I think having people like Steve Dunn start to give me crap makes me feel like I'm fitting into this community better. Not that I didn't feel that way before, of course, since I think all of the people I've met (cyber-met) through here have all been nice (even if I don't always agree with their opinions in TC). I just think I put a lot of importance on that kind of stuff. It's funny (not ha-ha funny, but the other funny), but I think for all of the uncomfortableness I have around people IRL (and on the phone *shudder*), I like to have people I can talk to and fit in with on the computer-world out there. :) Hi everyone! :P

I can't explain the phone thing. Anyone who's ever had to suffer through a voice mail message from me knows what I mean. I just start talking, and I don't know when to stop, and I don't want to be too terse, so I keep talking, and the message goes on for minutes, and people make fun of me later. It's like the previous sentence, only worse. :( It's not the worst bad habit to have though!

Speaking of which, I think I really really quit smoking. I don't even feel the urge anymore, which is awesome. The big test comes tonight, though, since I'm going out to a happy hour situation with my co-workers, and a lot of them smoke. I don't think I'll be tempted, but the beer makes me want to smoke sometimes. Most times.

And, no, I'm not giving up beer! :P~

Let's see. The song of the day will be..."Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies. I don't know why I like the Pixies (and that's even debatable, since I only have the one best-of album, but I do listen to it quite a bit), but they've always kind of made me...feel mellow. I can't explain it well, but I sit down and listen to the Pixies, and it calms me down, even if the song I'm hearing isn't particularly slow and calming. "Here Comes Your Man" is probably my favorite (although I do love "Wave of Mutilation"), and I can listen to it over and over on repeat and never get sick of it!!

By the way, that's the original "Wave of Mutilation", not the slowed-down poop-fest that appears on the soundtrack to the mediocre Christian Slater movie Pump Up the Volume. Make note of that! I do own that soundtrack though... :)

I also have "These Days" by Bon Jovi in my car's CD player. I know, I know! But Bon Jovi's not that bad, and this is my favorite album, all in all. It's not all light and happy and pop-ish like a lot of the BJ albums. I almost made the song of the day "This Ain't a Love Song", but I'm not in the right state of mind today. I did sing along to it on the way into work today! :D

Well, so far so good on the GOO game, eh? I hope I can really do well this time out. At least get one or two of the elimination GOOs, when it gets that far. I want to distinguish myself, and since I don't have any good ideas for GOOS (and, yeah, Scott, I'm still sending that one idea I had.....eventually), I'll have to make my mark within the game.

I saw a great movie a while back, but I don't remember it well enough to TMR it (but I might read a synopsis and try to muddle through it later), but I wanted to recommend it. It is called "Dirty Filthy Love", and it is a British film which is GREAT!! It's hard to describe accurately enough to convey what happens, but it's about a man whose life goes from great to miserable and back, set within the confines of his struggles with mental illness (I believe it is Tourette's Syndrome, but he also looked to have a bit of OCD as well in the movie). It's a really nice story about dealing with being mentally ill (probably why I liked it...ha ha), and finding that the person you are is the person you should care about, not the person you (or others) think you should be. Maybe you have to experience it (or someone you know) to "get it", but I think it's a great movie, and I would recommend it highly., Seriously, one of the best movies I've ever seen, hands down.

Anyhow, back to work! Things are starting to slow up a bit, so I'll have more free time soon!! Yay!! Talk to all y'all later!

But not you, Steve Dunn! >: (

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Jackie Mason | June 9, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Lori Lancaster | June 10, 2007
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Denise Sawicki | June 15, 2007
Hi there - my husband has OCD so I figured I would rent the movie you recommended. We liked it quite a bit so thanks!


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