Woo hoo! My boss is out of town! Supposedly, I'm in charge, but it really doesn't work that way. I get all the responsibility, but none of the actual authority. It's kind of a bummer, but I get revenge when I take my two week vacation next month! Not that my boss feels much of the sting of my absence (my co-workers get that), but it feels good to me, and I can live petty! :P

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, since three or four things went kablooie, and I had to put things back in order as best I could. It was a partial success... Things will move forward as they can. I did what I could do, and I think I can live with any consequences. I am confident that I did everything I possibly could, and that's all anyone can ask of me.

Did I mention I bought a stuffed cactaur (from Final Fantasy video games)? It's the best! I think my wife thinks I've gone off my rocker, but I like it. It sits in my PlayStation room (named because that's all that's in it, other than incidental furniture...sort of my not-so-secret hideaway!) and watches me. Well, it's not alive, so it's not watching, but it stares...good enough for me!

It is wrong for a man to own a stuffed animal? Is it better if it's from a video game? Cactaurs are really bad ass, I swear! :)

In honor of the cactaur, the song of the day will be from Final Fantasy, in fact, FFVII (that's 7). It will be "Katayoku no Tenshi" (One-Winged Angel) composed by Nobuo Uematsu. (Actually, according to wikipedia, the actual translation is "an angel with wings on one side"...ok...I've always called it One-Winged Angel...) I don't know about anyone else, but that song really floored me the first time it played when I played through the game. First and only time I tried to figure out what a song was in a video game!


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27-X-2009 or Linking For Great Justice!

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5-XI-2008 or Mentiroso!

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22-VIII-2006 or PC Load Letter?! What the #@$% does that mean?!

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6-IX-2007 or Not again! :(

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