First of all, sorry about the MC Hammer reference. I'll explain in a minute. ;)

Well, last night I went to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball game, where the D-Rays lost in spectacular fashion late in the game. I had AWESOME seats, which I won at the kickball league mid-season party raffle. Just a bit behind 1st base, ten rows back. There were no drunks or obnoxious fans (although, as always, fans of the visiting team [in this case, the Detroit Tigers] outnumbered the home fans), just cowbells. The Devil Rays fans are obsessed with ringing cowbells to rally the team. Not that I hate cowbells (or the classic SNL skit with "More Cowbell!"), but it gets old after a while, and baseball games are not short, by any means. Anyhow, I kept rooting on Zobrist, a shortstop who was just called up from the minors, and his average is .000, to get his first hit, but it didn't happen that night, unfortunately. :( I would always make MC Hammer references when Zobrist got up to bat. I'll yell out, "Here comes the Hammer!" when he got to the plate. Or I'd say, "STOP! Hammer time!". If that poor guy gets the nickname Hammer, I'll be embarrassed! It was fun, and the cute girl in front of me was laughing at me, so it's all good in my book!

I went with a friend who is soon to move to Orlando, and that was the sad part. I'll miss him, even though we didn't hang out very often. It's weird. The people I end up really enjoying myself with either think a) that we aren't that good of friends, more like acquaintances, b) that I'm secretly lusting after them (male) or uncomfortable around them (female), c) not that much about me in return, or some combination of these three. I think Jeremy falls into the first category. He kept asking why of all the people I would ask to go to the game with, I chose him. (Actually, maybe it's b!) I'm no good with the words (and I didn't want him to think B!), so I just said I wanted to have a last outing before he left. I should probably work on my social skills. :)

Also, he told me he's not sure about his future, since he's going to a specialized school, and he's not really sure he'll enjoy the work. I can't help anyone with this problem, unfortunately. I'm more the type to throw myself into a situation, and then look back and say, "OK, what the hell do I think about where I am?" Forethought and I are no friends. I told him to follow his heart, which was lame and probably the least helpful advice to give someone.

I got a fever...and the only MORE COWBELL! *grin*

The newest stuck song of the day is not MC Hammer (fortunately), but it is from that genre. Today, we will all be doin' the Humpty Hump! "Humpty Hump" by Digital Underground. Don't confuse it with "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas! :) How can you forget such classic lines as:

"I get laid by the ladies, you know I'm in charge
Both how I'm livin' and my nose are large"?

Five Replies to 3-VIII-2006 or Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em!

Scott Hardie | August 3, 2006
I'm occasionally guilty of thinking (a), but I shouldn't. I don't want it that way.

Is your formatting of the date in partial Roman numerals a dig at my server clock problems? Because it's pretty funny if it is.

Aaron Shurtleff | August 3, 2006
No, actually, it's just a common way of writing the date in the sciences. That way, there's never a question of whether 3/4/06 is March 4th or April 3rd, since some areas put the month at the start, and some in the middle. Not a dig at the server clock problems. Wish I was that clever! ;)

You thought a)? Man, I had you pegged as b)! :D

Kris Weberg | August 4, 2006
Great, now "My Humps" is stuck in my head...and it's not even the right goddamn song!

Aaron Shurtleff | August 4, 2006
Oops...sorry about that! :)

Jackie Mason | August 7, 2006
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