I saw a meme that claimed there was a petition to change the name of fire ants to spicy bois. I am trying to be hip to the lingo the kids are using nowadays!

They do like the word spicy, I'll tell you hwat.

So, this week is my yearly trip to Ocean City, MD to survey for fire ants...I mean spicy bois. They come up in tropical plants from Florida, Georgia and other hot southern states where spicy bois run rampant. Particularly palms. And if there's one thing in abundance in Ocean City, it's palms! And tourists. And sunburns. OK, there's almost certainly more than one thing in abundance....

I hope that all the spicy bois stayed in Florida this year, but I know that's wishful thinking.

SONG of THE period OF time WHICH cannot BE defined: "The Guitar Song" by Dead Milkmen. What's that sound coming out of the hole in the wood?

Anyways, I gotta be up at the crack of dawn, but I got a little attitude at work for not bloggin' lately. So, yeah.

Let me leave you with some words of wisdom from one of our generation's greatest minds, David Lee Roth. "Sit down, Waldo!"

Two Replies to 09-VII-2019 or Look out, spicy bois!

Scott Hardie | July 10, 2019
I don't get the popularity or longevity of the boi/bois joke. I feel like I've seen a million of the "who would win" images that use the boi wording. It's just not that funny. But I'm old and well past my laughing-at-stupid-shit-online years, so maybe I would have found this hilarious once. There was a time when I couldn't get enough of "all your base are belong to us."

I was just talking to some friends last week about Van Halen and the infamous story of their contract rider that there be no brown M&Ms backstage at their shows. There's a pretty good 5-minute video of Roth explaining why.

Aaron Shurtleff | July 13, 2019
I think I have read that before. I might have to watch the video, but I think it was something along the lines of they would put crazy stuff like that in there just to see if the people actually did it, because then they would know that they were properly diligent and likely paid attention to setting up the stage and other such stuff that required attention to do properly, and could result in major issues if not done right.

Now I'm going to watch the video and see if my brain retained anything...

It was close.


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