OK, here's the story: My wife and I went to see X-Files: I Want To Believe this weekend. I was considering putting up a review, but now I cannot. Why, you ask? (OK, maybe you don't ask, and are just as happy that I don't...but I'm telling you anyways). Because I read a review of it before I saw the movie, and it's got me unable to write the review. Why? Because the review said one of the problems with the movie was that it "felt like an extended episode". That makes no sense to me. I, personally, would not want to see a movie based on a television show if it didn't feel like an episode of the television show, expanded for theatrical release. What's the other option? If the new X-Files movie had felt like an episode of the Jefferson's, then it would be a great movie? What is this mystical "movie" vibe that a movie based on a televison show must have? This I don't understand, so I don't feel comfortable recommending or not recommending the movie, which, I think, should be the basis of the review. Anyone wants to ask me personally, I would give my opinion. But I don't want to put a bad review out there, because, when it comes to movies based on TV shows, I am incapable of "getting it".

I need to give my mini-report from MetroCon, too, for the one or two people who would care. Let me preface it with this: We shared convention space with people who were out for the 2008 Red Bull Flugtag. Imagine the joy of dealing with people who were only out to drink, get really sunburned, and watch people crash their "flying machines" into the Bay, as they entered a convention center full of folks who were cosplaying, and generally getting their anime freak on. It wasn't pretty. :(

But, now I have no time. Will try to add on to this later. :)

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Denise Sawicki | July 28, 2008
I prefer movies to seem like "extended episodes" too I guess. I can imagine what they mean but I see it as a positive point I guess. Darrell's been watching a lot of Star Trek, the Next Generation lately... I have joined when I am able... he finished the entire series and then went on to watch the movies but his main complaint was that all but the first movie were too "movieish" and didn't carry forth the vibe of the series. "Movieish" lines would be things that make the masses laugh such as "I gotta get me one of those" when the person sees a fancy weapon or motorcycle or something.. also lots of extra action... I dunno...

Jackie Mason | July 29, 2008
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Scott Hardie | July 29, 2008
I enjoyed the X Files movie for what it was, but I knew in advance that it would deviate from the traditional elements of the show. Kelly expected aliens and government conspiracy, and really hated it as a result. Hopefully what I just wrote will help you enjoy the movie if you see it, instead of spoiling it. :-)

It's been said that if this film is successful, they'll make a third film that deals with the traditional story elements, but I think they missed their chance, especially with the dismal box office this weekend.

Aaron Shurtleff | July 29, 2008
Another perfect example, actually! My wife was really disappointed with the movie, because it didn't have the aliens and government conspiracy. The "storyline" episodes were always the most intolerable to me (I actually liked the one shot, solve a mystery and move on episodes), so I really loved the movie, because it was what I would have wanted. If a third movie happens, I wouldn't see it, because it would be what I disliked about the show. I'm glad you reviewed the movie before I did now, Scott. :)

Oh, and I really like Billy Connolly, so that helps too!

Tony Peters | July 29, 2008
my favorite episode was Skully's tattoo....it's also the only episode that I remember whenever anyone asks me about X-files, I think is was a stand alone but in truth I really don't remember. I won't see the movie until it comes out on Cable though a movie really has to grab me these days and what I have seen in trailers doesn't do that

Lori Lancaster | July 29, 2008
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Scott Hardie | July 30, 2008
I think my review is spoiler-free, especially if you hide the Premise field using your TMR Options. But I do give a hint about the end of the series if you haven't seen it.

Jackie Mason | July 30, 2008
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