What a sh!tty weekend I have to look forward to! Saturday, I have to go visit a friend/co-worker (she's on the bubble...) at the hospital because she was in a fairly serious car accident. The car went into the ditch and flipped over, and she sustained a broken neck. She's doing better (although she's in a LOT of pain), and she's not experiencing any paralysis (thank God/Goddess/whatever higher power must be thanked!). It'll be rough for her, but at least she is alive. The other people in her vehicle have minor injuries, broken clavicle, and bleeding on the brain, respectively, and from what I've heard from people who've seen the car, they're all pretty lucky to be alive.

Then, Sunday, lovely Sunday, I have to go to a funeral for a friend's cousin (who is himself a fairly good acquaintance). Don't know what happened in his case, but he was still relatively young, so this is not sitting well with me (not that any death sits well with me). He will definitely be missed.

I'm actually lucky that Monday is a holiday, because there will be no rest for me. Although, I guess I have to admit that I have it better than the people I'm going to be visiting this weekend.

I'd pick a song for the day, but I'm feeling somber. Maybe I will anyways. "Alone You Breathe" by Savatage. It was recorded as a tribute to their guitarist when he died (I believe in a car accident, but don't me to it.) It kinda sorta fits the whole situation, if only in my mind. Plus, it one of my favorite Savatage songs (I like the sad depressing songs...I'm emo without the excellent fashion sense!)


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