Funny story (only it's not)! My wife was running in a 5K race for the inaugural Saint Petersburg Bowl (I love those corporate tie-ins!), and so she giggles on up to me and asks if I want to run the race with her. (Those of you not in the know might need to know that I am all about out of shape, and haven't done any kind of running since 1994-ish). So, I say, "Sure, I'll do that with you." thinking to myself, "Look at the brownie points I'm racking up by doing active things with my wife! I'm the man!". She laughs and says, "I'm kidding. You couldn't do a 5K!"

Unfortunately for me, there are no words on this planet that can get me to do something stupid faster than "You can't do that!".

So, I ran a 5K race on Saturday...just 2 hours before I had to go to work at Target. I kept up with my wife for the entire race, and proved once and for all that I am about the dumbest creature on the face of this planet that I can, indeed, run a 5K. (Note: Run is a subjective word. I wasn't in danger of breaking any land speed records, but I did manage to move at a faster than walking speed for almost the entire race... I won't give you a time, so don't ask! :P)

And then, because we ran in the race, we got free tickets to the bowl game! Guess where? That's right, and the very top of the Tropicana Field dome. Up many many many many many many many many many many many many many many steps. Each step was it's own exquisite torture on my legs.

Ow. :(

How long does this pain last anyways? I want the use of my legs back by Christmas, please!

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Aaron Shurtleff | December 22, 2008
I am totally waiting for Tony Peters to hop on in here and chastise me. That's real pain and tragedy. I'm just a pain-poseur! Of course I have no idea about pain, and if I didn't think everyone else would enjoy my misery, I might delete the post. ;)

Tony Peters | December 22, 2008
I have run exactly one 5k in my entire life and I probably felt the same way you do was the most painful thing I have ever willingly done to myself...mind you that I am fully capable of swimming 5K but running is just not something I like doing...oh yes and my experience was 2-3 days...take a hot bath and soak for a wine and motrin helps numb the pain too

Jackie Mason | December 23, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | December 23, 2008
Dude, you so can't lend me fifty bucks.

Good for you! Way to prove something to your wife. I hope she's proud of you. I am!

Now go rent Run Fat Boy Run.

Amy Austin | December 31, 2008
Hahaha... I did enjoy that -- thank you. ;-)

And I am certain that you cannot give me more money than you lend to Scott Hardie. ;-p

Aaron Shurtleff | December 31, 2008
Now I know I'm missing something here with these comments...

Amy Austin | December 31, 2008
Hmm... I guess what you wrote is true then? ;-)


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