I have just two things to say, and I will say them loud and proud!

1) I honestly would love to see U. Florida win tonight in the BCS championships. Love it, love it, love it! I don't see it happening. Not in a million. Tomorrow, I might look like a fool, but I'll say it here and now:

Ohio State 31, Florida 21

And that's being generous. Florida will probably only get 17, but I gave them the benefit of the TD over the FG. This also assumes they keep Tebow off the field. Ohio State won't fall for the cheap stunts, so let's hope the Anointed One Urban Meyer isn't stupid enough to try.

2) Amy Austin now has the best picture of any user on goo.tc, and we can only hope to reach such a lofty goal. I'm honestly speechless. AWESOME!!

3) (I lied.) Rocky Balboa, while not the best movie in the world, was not half as bad as most critics are making it out to be. I'll avoid spoilers, but it seems to me that the movie was about as dignified as it could (or should) have been. It won't win any awards, but it's worth a rental just to complete the series.

Two Replies to 8-I-2007 or Mid-week Madness!!!

Amy Austin | January 8, 2007
1) Ditto... I'm feeling you on all counts, all the way.
No way, Aaron -- you're crazy -- I'm predicting the Gators 41-14!!! But, I'm all decked out in my orange & blue to go watch the game at some friends' house over burgers & brie (!) -- party on.

2) Awww, shucks. Did Scott tell you that I submitted that photo just for you??? ;-) Flattery will get you everywhere... thanks for making my day, Aaron.


Aaron Shurtleff | January 9, 2007
Thus you all see why I rarely go out on a limb. :)

Great job, Gators!!

Amy, Scott didn't tell me, but when I saw you were wearing the "Big in Japan" t-shirt...I knew. ;P


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