Random quote from a movie I watched a few years back called "Il Monstro", which is "The Monster" in Italian. It had that one Italian actor who has been doing most of the comedic roles lately (I think his name is Roberto Begnini, or something close to). It's pretty funny, I think. Standard mistaken identity/misconception sort of humor that made, for example, "Three's Company" famous. Not a bad choice for a movie, if only to see what an obscene bombardment looks like! :D I don't know if it's been reviewed yet or not. It's been a while since I've seen it, so don't look at me! :P

Anyhow, the weekend play date didn't pan out for some reason. Maybe the former co-worker read my post up here. I hope not, but if that is what happened, that is what happened. I still ended up spending my entire weekend waiting for her to call me, so my Sunday was pretty much shot. Didn't even get a chance to watch any of my video-on-demand shows! :( I love free VOD with digital cable. I'd highly recommend digital cable for that alone! I usually only watch the Adult Swim and Anime Network channels, but there are so many choices!! Well, that's all the plug I intend to put in for my cable company until they add the Anime Network as a 24/7 channel!!! ;)

But, I didn't get to play Playstation! :( I mean, I could have, but I didn't. Not that same when you're expecting to play 2-player, and then you're stuck with 1-player! *sob* I should have played though. I always get part way through a game, then I lose interest and switch to another game. Then, I'll only get part way through that game, and want to move on, etc. I have like 10 games part way finished, and I never get to the end of any of them. Maybe I have ADD...

The song of the day... "Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang. I know, the Bloodhound Gang is a gross, raunchy band with no redeeming qualities. Their music is heavily repetitive, and artistically simple...but they can be funny as hell if you're in the mood for them!! This song is particularly nasty, and particularly funny! :) If you don't like that kind of thing, you won't like this band.

Well, on with the show! :)

One Reply to 14-VIII-2006 or "A bombardment?" "An OBSCENE one!!"

Kris Weberg | August 14, 2006
I like "The Bad Touch," because it fulfills my USDA for cheesy 80s-style synth. Plus, some of the wordplay appeals to my inner 10-year-old.


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