I found the chink in your logic!

Seriously, there will be a full post tomorrow, probably. I just wanted to give a shout-out to the other loony around here! :) (And I don't mean that meanly, as I hope she knows!)

I think sometimes (and I do this as much, if not more than others) we see things like that which could apply, so we cling to it, and worry about it, and obsess over the what-ifs and what-not. It will do us no good, but we can't stop doing it. I can't offer advice, since a) I'm just as guilty, and I can't stop doing it either, and b) I really can't say whether it applies or not from my limited knowledge, but I think it helps to know that other people are going through it.

Or not. We're all unique...which sort of makes us all a bit narcissistic. *shrug*

Am I even spelling that correctly? Narcissistic...it looks right...

Three Replies to 29-III-2007 or But you can't stop this, ya narcissist! :P

Denise Sawicki | March 29, 2007
Hey thanks, I know you mean well. I'm such a goofball. Maybe I should just try to get myself one of those comprehensive tests like you did in the hopes it would set things straight in my head.

Aaron Shurtleff | March 30, 2007
I think I got more questions than answers from my test actually. :(

As always, YMMV.

Kris Weberg | March 30, 2007
Almost by definition, a narcissist never wonders seriously if he/she is a narcissist. That's why the disorder is so hard to treat for psychiatrists.


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