So I've dragged my old college spanish texts off the shelf trying to prep for my trip to Spain. Four days in Barcelona and 2 days in Madrid. I should see plenty of the Mediterranean in Barcelona with temperatures in the low eighties the entire time. Madrid will be a temperature hell at 100 for both days. Small amounts of time in the airports in Paris and Amsterdam will reap something of the culture (not much obviously since nothing local happens at the airport but I'm hoping). The iternerary is semi-flexible so I hope to spend a lot of time in the Prado. Lauren and I shoukd have a great time, of course but she knows next to nothing about Europe. This was intended to be an eye-opening experience for her and expose her to the world outside of the borders of the United States. As long as the basques stay calm (joking) this should be a life altering perspective for us both. The flight is tomorrow and I probably won't be able to resist checking the site before I go but probably won't during the trip. Hasta la proxima semana.

Three Replies to Adios Por Ahora

Scott Hardie | June 22, 2012
Maybe I could fast-forward the goo season so the tournament can take place this weekend. Apparently playing from Barcelona brings good luck.

Have a great vacation!

Erik Bates | June 22, 2012
I once spent the night in the Amsterdam airport. The international terminal at about 2 am feels like a scene from an apocalypse movie. I was literally (yes, literally) the only person walking around the place for a couple hours.

Tony Peters | June 22, 2012
I've done that a few times s really annoying when they close off sections so you can't even walk and its not like any of those chairs are remotely comfortable (even the sleeping chairs opposite the food court suck) though I did catch a nap in an architectural feature once.... As for paris depending on your layover length the City indoor farmers market isn't far from CDG that is a lot of fun (did that on layover once). I have an acquaintance in Barcelona who has a is North African I believe

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