Four recent adventures with free desserts:

1. We had not much to do on Saturday morning so, against our better judgement, we decided to go to the furniture store, who had sent us a coupon offering free breakfast and a free gift to "preferred customers". Breakfast turned out to be doughnuts. It was pretty good. There were lots of people there so the salespeople hardly bothered us. After that we went to the grocery store.

2. After coming out of the grocery store and settling our groceries in the car, Darrell asked me, "Did you buy Mint Oreos?" Neither of us had bought them and yet there they were in our shopping bag. Checking the receipt, we saw that we had not in fact paid for any Oreos. The only explanation we could come up with is that someone ahead of us in line must have forgotten to pick up their last shopping bag, which contained nothing but a box of Oreos (that was the only extra item). However, whoever had been ahead of us in line was long gone. The cashier had opened his line just as we arrived at the checkout and asked us to come to his line. Somehow he wound up giving us free Oreos. It seems unlikely that he was unaware of their presence in the bag. Darrell thinks he did it to flirt with me. Ha ha. Anyway this totally made my day. We were just laughing in our pleasure with the world for quite a while: "We got free Oreos!" it was so exciting. I think mint is my favorite type of them, too.

3. Darrell's and Darrin's grandma is under the persistent delusion that we cannot afford to feed ourselves, so every time we visit her she spends the entire visit putting together an enormous shopping bag full of food for us to take away with us. The guys say we are doing her a favor by taking it. Whatever!... anyway one time recently she gave us a sweet potato pie kit. Very unusual. We used the kit and it made two large pies with a lot of extra potato goo to spare. It's pretty tasty. I probably couldn't tell it apart from pumpkin pie.

4. On the latest visit, the aforementioned grandma gave us a box of doughnuts, 4 chocolate, 4 coconut, and 4 powdered sugar. Before going to bed last night we had one of each. I woke up and let Phil (the dog) out of the bedroom without thinking too much about it, then heard a noise and went down to see that all that remained in the box on the table was 3 chocolate doughnuts. On the floor was one powdered sugar one with a bite out of it. I can't believe that dog ate 5 doughnuts! I am very pleased with his apparent newfound aversion to chocolate, however. When he was younger he ate a whole bag of chocolate chips and threw it up all over the carpet before we knew what had happened. Maybe he learned his lesson now. Darrell said Phil is not getting dog food for breakfast today because he already helped himself to a continental breakfast.

Four Replies to Adventures with Free Desserts

Jackie Mason | January 23, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | January 23, 2007
Man... why doesn't this sort of thing ever happen to me?!?!?! (Not the dog/s raiding doughnuts part... that would be *very* bad.)

Scott Hardie | February 1, 2007
I'm with Amy. I hope you enjoyed the desserts. :-)

Maybe why the dog threw up.

Denise Sawicki | February 2, 2007
Yeah I know chocolate is toxic, which is why I was so glad he didn't eat the chocolate doughnuts.

Now he snatched a Krispy Kreme, it was apple flavor though and not very good. We had a coupon for 2 dozen Krispy Kremes for the price of 1 dozen, bought those and they gave us 24 valentines each good for one free doughnut (one per visit) so I guess we'll be giving each other a lot of valentines and stopping by that area frequently, to the effect of 48 doughnuts for the price of 12. :P Argh... I've known some people who think it is immoral to use such coupons all the time but WHY??... Why do they give me these coupons if it's wrong to use them?

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