Darrell tells me that people actually care about *my* approval and they think I am rejecting them when in fact I am trying to keep away from them to protect them from my insanity.

You guys are all awesome by the way... Wish I wasn't too insane to interact comfortably with anyone...

Six Replies to Annoying

Aaron Shurtleff | February 12, 2008
Dang! Wish I weren't so insane that I missed you making me feel rejected... :(

I can't speak for everyone, but I don't feel the slightest bit of disapproval from you. Should I? :)

Denise Sawicki | February 12, 2008
No... I was just having a general freak out... said too much paranoid junk, deleted most of it, should have deleted all of it! The paranoia runs both ways, sometimes I think I am creepily talking to people too much!

Amy Austin | February 13, 2008
It sucks to be so hyper-sensitive/self-aware, doesn't it! You aren't the only one with crazy, self-conscious voices in your head, Denise... just look at Aaron! ;-D My best advice is just to do what we do... embrace them or ignore them altogether -- but don't let them make you insane!

Jackie Mason | February 13, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Steve West | February 16, 2008
As far as I'm concerned, you're one of the best features about this site. Features meaning a reason to return. What is Denise up to? What are she and Darrell planning next? Where's my puppy update? How cold is it in Fargo? I thought I was the only one who watched The Prisoner. Etc., etc., etc... Just keep doing what you do and I'll continue to be enchanted.
BTW - I didn't view your post as a desperate plea for reassurance, excuse my response as sounding as if that was my motivation. It is only my desire to be plainspoken in saying that you're an amazingly complex person in whose viewpoints I find charming.

Scott Hardie | February 19, 2008
What Steve said. :-D

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