The Mickster/Sean Penn debate rages. I'm listing my reasons not to choose Mickey Rourke and comparing them to a similar list for Sean Penn.

Mickey Rourke
1. Previous Oscar wins - 0
2. Previous Oscar nominations - 0
3. Previous Oscar nominations deserved - 0
4. Failed marriages - Two time loser
5. Has starred in a movie with Kevin Bacon (simplifying the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game)
6. WWE fan
7. Has co-starred with Don Johnson, Adam Baldwin and Big John Studd at the same time (-)
8. Real life boxer (+)
9. Early acting hero of Brad Pitt
10. Razzie nominations - Nominated but did not win for Desperate Hours

Sean Penn
1. 1
2. 4
3. 6 (How Jeff Spicoli was overlooked I'll never know and his hair in Carlito's Way deserved an Oscar of its own)
4. Two and counting.
5. Has starred with Kevin Bacon
6. Former Madonna fan
7. Has never co-starred with Don Johnson, Adam Baldwin or Big John Studd (+)
8. Boxer wannabe (-) Paparazzi don't offer a huge challenge, let's be honest.
9. Early acting hero of Brad Pitt (tie, damnit)
10. Nominated but did not win for Shanghai Surprise

All in all, I'd have to say I'm compelled to stick with Mick. Unless he beats up a nun or something in the next few days he's gonna get my vote.

Six Replies to Approaching Decision Time

Amy Austin | February 20, 2009

(How Jeff Spicoli was overlooked I'll never know and his hair in Carlito's Way deserved an Oscar of its own)

I will second that!

Amy Austin | February 20, 2009
Obsessions update

Scott Hardie | February 20, 2009
I'm rooting for the Mickster. Sean Penn has always turned me off with that smug, self-satisfied attitude of his, like he's the greatest actor in the world. (Same goes for U2, with respect to their fans in these parts.) But Penn has the edge here; he's a respected actor in a widely-praised movie, instead of a washed-up actor making a comeback in a movie only noted for his performance. Either of them could still win, but I think Penn is likelier.

I repeat my prediction from last year: Any supporting actor who "steals" the Oscar away from Heath Ledger will get death threats from outraged fans for weeks.

Scott Hardie | February 20, 2009
I'm obsessed with Balls Out? Damn, I haven't looked at that thing in a while.

Steve West | February 20, 2009
LOL! Amy, I wish I had thought of those as obsessions first!

Amy Austin | February 20, 2009
Believe me... if I could have put your name on it instead of mine, I would have... all part of the joke, friend... ;-D

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