What can I say?

It was the best time ever!

Future GooCons now have a standard that will be difficult to surpass. The only improvement can come from more participants. The events themselves were more than just entertaining and fun: they provided a shared experience that you can't get online. I'll never forget the many mental snapshots I have of these last four days. My camera captured only one tenth (if that much) of what happened. I feel a closeness to the people there that comes from shared memories.

I won a few prizes while there. And while that was super cool in and of itself, it wasn't why I went. The games were spectacular but also weren't why I went. I suspect the same reason Scott went to Nascar with Steve Dunn is why I went to Florida. The pleasure I receive from this website was only magnified by the real experience of shaking hands and sharing hugs with people I've come to admire each for their own unique reason.

Oh, yes I'll be there for the next GooCon. I've no doubt many more will too.

Five Replies to GooCon: Siesta Key

Amy Austin | October 28, 2008
Shut... up! Are you *trying* to make me cry, Steve??? ;-)

Thanks, though... I only wish I could have been a part of it, too. It's true that games and prizes are fun... but the participants are indeed the qualifying factor, denominator, sum, product -- whatever -- of how much fun is really to be had. At least there's a good enough taste of that dynamic here online -- and that's what really keeps me coming back. Prizes are just a nice bonus. ;-)

Aaron Shurtleff | October 28, 2008
Come on, guys! Who won the big prizes???

I plan to write about it soon, but I had to leave early, and I don't know who won the big prizes...

Matthew Preston | October 28, 2008
I won round 4, but it wasn't enough to eclipse yours our Steve's total score. Steve eeked out the grand victory in the Goo game and you were just behind in second.

Steve also won RockBlock. :-)

Scott Hardie | October 28, 2008
Full details are here: (link)

Aaron Shurtleff | October 28, 2008
Figures! Steve used the power of Evil (like some other people named Steve, who will remain nameless...except for the Steve part...) to throw down the awesome power of Good... I'll always have Rachael Carson, though... ;)

Seriously, though, great job, Steve! I'll get you next time!

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