Darrell is checking out a lot of Babylon 5 DVDs from the library lately. I watch it too when I get a chance. Anyway, perhaps it's because we're nuts, but we think that show has a bizarre number of parallels with Little House on the Prairie. Back in the first season there was an episode with this Russian rabbi, the guy looked and sounded terribly familiar, and as it turns out he played a Russian immigrant on Little House 18 years prior.

(An aside and a 3rd pop culture reference, we thought the following exchange on Lost was funny.
Kate: We can start again, give each other a clean slate.
Sawyer: [laughs] Slate. Like on Little House?
Kate: What?
Sawyer: Little House on the Prairie. Laura Ingalls used to write on a little chalkboard at school.
Kate: [amused] You call it Little House?

Yeah it was kinda funny that this tough dude let slip that he used to watch Little House. Because that's what people in the know call it :) )

Anyhow. Back on topic. This guy played the Russian guy on both shows and we recognized him mainly from his voice. The episode itself could have been out of the 1870's, a rabbi comes to help a woman get over the death of her father and another guy tries to win a boxing title. There was boxing in Little House in the form of Joe Kagan. Some other episodes of Babylon 5 resembled Little House episodes also, such as when a faith healer starts taking business away from the ship's doctor, and later when the doctor develops a drug addiction (There were a couple morphine-addiction episodes of Little House.)

Today though we found another parallel... Laura Ingalls all grown up appearing on the show. She looked too old honestly. It was kinda distressing. But she still had a similar chirpy little voice to when she was a kid. She was playing Captain Sheridan's wife and as it turns out Melissa Gilbert in real life really is married to that dude...

Oh yeah and a parallel between Lost and Babylon 5, the actress for Delenn is also on Lost. We didn't quite become aware of this until the alien grew some hair. I am bad at recognizing faces I guess, I don't recognize people when they are bald and sporting various prosthetic head bumps...

I apologize for this pointless post, perhaps if I'd actually watched more than a few episodes of Babylon 5 I could have come up with a more convincing argument. :-P

One Reply to Bablyon 5 vs. Little House on the Prairie

Scott Hardie | March 29, 2008
Interesting! I wonder if anybody else has found this? There are a few other examples, like Boston Legal and Star Trek.

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