I have arrived home after a safe and uneventful flight. Thanks for the memories! It was fun. I am just kinda tired now because I have a cold and that plus flying is not good. My ears are all plugged up and I can't hear so well. I've got some zinc tablets so hopefully that will get better soon. Oh well I am going to go nap or something :)

Two Replies to Back in Fargo

Kelly Lee | October 17, 2010
It was great seeing you again! Also, yeah we both are tired and somewhat sickly as well when we got back into town, I prescribe naps to all goocon participants.

Steve West | October 17, 2010
Napdges! I don't need no steenkin' napdges! I just got a two hour one on the plane. I didn't get sick but I'm sorry you guys did. It was still great!

Prayer for the Paranoid

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Crazy day

More happened today than in my usual month I think... which goes to show you how uneventful my life is. So I don't think sleep is really going to happen. Go »

My stupid brain

It seems I have quite a lot of former friends who wound up really, really, disliking me. So I am always alert to signs of that happening again. It's nobody's fault but my own, I assure you. Go »

Nothing much

Well I figured I should mention my health thingy is OK and I don't have to get any more tests for another year... :P The weeks are going by really fast, it's quite alarming. and alcohol is fun. Go »


Oh lord, new worry, what if I'm a narcissist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_Personality_Disorder "NPD is considered to result from a person’s belief that he or she is flawed in a way that makes the person fundamentally unacceptable to others [8]. Go »

Nostalgia from TV shows

We're watching some high school shows lately, notably Freaks and Geeks, which I love, also My So-Called Life which I hesitate to admit I find hard to get into... Anyway Freaks and Geeks sure makes me jealous of the friendships those characters had in high school. Nobody would ever make a show about my high school experience. Go »

People charging me money for nothing...

I guess the saga of me and numberonemusic.com is not over yet. They went and charged my credit card for another $59.95 Go »