I have arrived home after a safe and uneventful flight. Thanks for the memories! It was fun. I am just kinda tired now because I have a cold and that plus flying is not good. My ears are all plugged up and I can't hear so well. I've got some zinc tablets so hopefully that will get better soon. Oh well I am going to go nap or something :)

Two Replies to Back in Fargo

Kelly Hardie | October 17, 2010
It was great seeing you again! Also, yeah we both are tired and somewhat sickly as well when we got back into town, I prescribe naps to all goocon participants.

Steve West | October 17, 2010
Napdges! I don't need no steenkin' napdges! I just got a two hour one on the plane. I didn't get sick but I'm sorry you guys did. It was still great!

Prayer for the Paranoid

Denise Sawicki posts whatever she feels able to post without serious consequences Read more »

Dog Tricks

Cross post from Facebook. Here are two new videos of our genius dog doing his amazing tricks. Mimicking Verbal Tricks Go »

Who are you calling a pipsqueak?

So now we have moved on to watching Fullmetal Alchemist. We borrowed season 1 from the library. I quite like it. Go »


Darrell just ordered an Atari on ebay. It just felt good to get annoyed with my mom first :) The guys are so excited looking over all the additional Atari games they could buy. I know it's kind of stupid to be buying that kind of thing instead of the hugely complex games that exist now, but Darrell said he wants the crawlspace to be a fun place without the kind of long, complicated game that can cause painful obsessions. Go »

A wish

You know, it would be nice to be the kind of person who could sometimes do or say things *without* regretting them. I think that would be on my top three list of wishes :) Just to turn off a part of my brain. It's really freakin cold out. Go »

American Gothic

Well, for quite a while I have had nothing to say to anyone about anything and it is getting a bit claustrophobic. So I figured I should start saying some things into the void, dumb and trivial as they might be. A while back there was a video store closing sale so we picked up a number of TV series on DVD at 75% off. Go »

Our first Con?

Darrell and I are thinking of going to this: http://www.valleycon.com/. We have never been to such an event before, and it is kind of expensive, but: A. Londo is one of our favorite TV characters ever B. Go »