I have arrived home after a safe and uneventful flight. Thanks for the memories! It was fun. I am just kinda tired now because I have a cold and that plus flying is not good. My ears are all plugged up and I can't hear so well. I've got some zinc tablets so hopefully that will get better soon. Oh well I am going to go nap or something :)

Two Replies to Back in Fargo

Kelly Hardie | October 17, 2010
It was great seeing you again! Also, yeah we both are tired and somewhat sickly as well when we got back into town, I prescribe naps to all goocon participants.

Steve West | October 17, 2010
Napdges! I don't need no steenkin' napdges! I just got a two hour one on the plane. I didn't get sick but I'm sorry you guys did. It was still great!

Prayer for the Paranoid

Denise Sawicki posts whatever she feels able to post without serious consequences Read more »


I just get so frustrated. I want my husband to be happy but the things he's decided will make him happy are completely out of our control (success at music). I wish something good would happen for him finally. Go »

People charging me money for nothing...

I guess the saga of me and numberonemusic.com is not over yet. They went and charged my credit card for another $59.95 Go »

Weather - the most boring conversational topic?!?

Well, perhaps not if you live in ND, I dunno. There's snow on the ground *and* dandelions in the lawn right now. That's a first, at least in my memory. Go »

I didn't like Brokeback Mountain

I know I'm a number of years too late to be talking about this, but I finally happened to see Brokeback Mountain and I have to say I didn't like it terribly much. Yes, I realize this is an extremely unpopular opinion to the point of being just plain wrong as an objective fact. Note, I do not have a problem with gay people or gay behavior. Go »

Another Irritating Thing

The Indian episode isn't the only irritating thing that happened with The Cedars recently. A while before that, Darrell received an e-mail from someone claiming to be from MTV saying they had listened to his songs on the Jones Soda website, liked them, and wanted a CD to consider including in their show. Now this sounds like an obvious fake, but the thing is, some research showed that the person who sent the e-mail does exist and does work at MTV, the e-mail address was verifiable, the phone number led to a seemingly legitimate voice mail, and the address was an actual office at MTV. Go »

A wish

You know, it would be nice to be the kind of person who could sometimes do or say things *without* regretting them. I think that would be on my top three list of wishes :) Just to turn off a part of my brain. It's really freakin cold out. Go »