I was replying to Scott's post in Decidedly Undecided, and I started thinking it's nice to be posting again. Even if people were to find my opinions funny or misguided or flat out wrong, if the thought is out there, people can see it, and if I have an error in my thinking, maybe they can help me see things in a different light. I like that.

Then I thought that I wonder if Scott is slightly miffed that I seem to not be able to be around on Funeratic very often to converse and interact with my friends, but when new people I barely know show interest in Funeratic while looking me up on the web, I will come back and post for their benefit. Am I a terrible friend. (Lack of question mark intentional)

I think I need to hit the road and head home, but traffic is crazy.

I think if bonus posts had songs of the day, the song for this post would be something by They Might Be Giants. Probably "Bangs". I do like "Bangs".

Well, I gotta hit the oooooooooooooooold dusty trail. But remember the words of that philosopher mathematician Blaise Pascal "I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter."

One Reply to Bonus post: Things I Think I Think

Scott Hardie | June 29, 2019
I am never miffed, slightly or otherwise, when people aren't around any more. People are busy and they have lives. If there's something specific that's making them want to leave the site that I could fix, like a frustrating game rule or a bad piece of UI functionality or something, then I suppose I'd be miffed if they didn't tell me so that I could fix it for them instead of losing them. But regardless, you're back now and I'm always happy when someone comes back, or joins in the first place. :-)


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