As long as everyone already knows I'm years behind the rest of the culture, can I recommend That's My Bush! before Dubya actually concludes his presidency? We just finished watching the short series; it starts weak but gets pretty strong by the end. Using the Bush White House as a setting, Trey Parker and Matt Stone riff on ridiculous sitcom clichés like enemies trapped in a small space and the R-rated misunderstanding while eavesdropping. The cast includes (of course) the bumbling husband, the insecure wife, the wacky neighbor who keeps barging in, the sassy maid, the ditzy blonde secretary, and Karl Rove. It's good stuff if you like Parker & Stone's riffs on pop culture in other productions, and it makes for a fine sendoff for #43.

Two Replies to Everybody Loves George

Aaron Shurtleff | November 26, 2008
I loved that show, too, actually. Everyone I spoke to thought it was "immature" (whatever that is supposed to imply), and I was quite sad when it went of Comedy Central.

And then CC picked up that horrible Lil Bush crap a bit later... :( Ugh!

"One of these days, Laura, I'm gonna punch you right in the face!" :D

Jackie Mason | November 27, 2008
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